Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Away

Was away for the weekend, for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Community Getaway...

Had a great time bonding with fellow CRM folks, as well as Kell Jay's cousin's, Brandon's girlfriend, and also Maran.

The first activity we went through was the white water rafting at Sungai Kampar. The last time we had Riverbugs, but this time we had Nomad Adventures. Our feedback is that they are more formal and yet more serious on security. I was quite scared on the body flowing of the water. But guess this year's attempt is not as bad as last year's. Drank a little water, but generally not too bad...

Maran, myself got into a raft with 2 of the Bank Negara folks. Michelle and Jen (I didn't catch his name correctly, but he is Jianwei (Stanford)'s brother.). They are very interesting people and we managed to network a bit in the raft (although won't say we managed to chat too much). Michelle went to Warwick and Jen went to LSE.

For the kayaking, go to here

From there, we went back and had a simple lunch, and from there we went to Gua Kandu. It is supposed to be a 2.5 hours climb, but it ended up 3.5 hours. We went through pitch dark cave, and then from there a lot of up-climbing, and then eventually down-climbing. Some of those are like climbing on rocks, with ropes for 2-3 storeys. It seems quite daunting to do that, but guess team work makes it happen. Kell Jay's cousins who are 13-14 are able to do it too!

From there, we had a flying fox, although I was not couraged enough to do it. Just helped to take photo and gave them moral support. It is a 15.2 meter high ravine, where flying fox across about 30-40 meters. It was a nice view over there though.

For more info of all these, go to here

It is a nice experience~!

Then, we had to rush, as Li Li, Brandon and his girlfriend (Irene, I hope to get the spelling right) had to catch the bus... So, we had a quick shower. Tried to show the way, but ended up I pointed at the wrong direction. So, we had to turn back after 5km, after passing by the Gua Tempurung and sensed that something is wrong.

We went to had a nice dinner at opposite Tesco at Ipoh. Really had tons of food for 5 of us (Ding Ying, Su-Ann, Maran, Hazwan and myself). We had Crabs, Oyster, Ikan Pari, Lala, Chicken Wings, Chicken, Fried Tofu, Lamb and Satay. That's really whole lot of food for all of us. The total including drink was like about RM140. Which was quite okie, judging by amount of food we ordered and we managed to finish almost 99% of them.

Then, we went to funfair, including a super fast ferris wheel. It was quite scary for that one...

We then went to Friends' Cafe to have a drink. I had an interesting drink. Purdey's Multivitamin Drink. It is interesting to see various fruit juices, extracts were in it, with 33% of daily vitamin needs. The rest had Margarita cocktail, and Su-Ann had some mixture of cocktails with some alcohol in it as well.

Day 2 is relaxing. After a breakfast at Old Town Kopitiam (the chain), then, we just had a pitstop for pamelo, and back to KL.

Interesting weekend trip~! :)

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Su Yuen said...

This reminds me of the fun I had during National Service! These events are really great for team-bonding even though they can be tiring at times.

By the way! Why did you pick a VITAMIN drink when everyone else picked alcohol?

Su Yuen