Thursday, December 06, 2007

Korat Sea Games Update (5th Dec 2007)

Today, our women's table tennis team garnered a bronze after losing 2-3 to Thailand in a very closely fought semi-final game. Unfortunately, we were unable to turn the table of the host. The main paddler for Thailand, brought in 2 points for Thailand and that effectively shut our chances.

For aerobics women individual, our acrobic dancers were far at the last 2 positions. Kong Pei Ling and Joanne Tan got respectively 15.45 and 14.75 points. They were in 5th and 6th position. However, the athlete from Indonesia, Koesumansat, who finished number 4th got 19.2 points. That's a lot of difference. Having said that, this is great exposure for our national athletes.

As of now, Malaysia is lagging very far behind other nations. Our athletes performance are far from solid as of now. We have just gotten 2 golds as of currently. Our target is 64 golds.

And a lot of unfortunate incidents have happened too. Daniel Bego, our top ranked swimmer is having a fever. Wong Mew Choo is injured. So do a few other athletes. All these gold-medal hopes would hopefully be able to recover and deliver.

Tomorrow, the 24th Korat Sea Games would be launched. A fantastic galore of 10 days of sports!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm both Pei Ling and Joanne are competing DESPITE not having any government funding, they've trained themselves, PAID their OWN way to Korat, don't have a coach, and are still competing for the country. I think that deserves a mention....if the country can't support its athletes, then don't expect them to perform.....

i know these two athletes personally, they train 5 hrs a day, while working and studying. Pei ling is in australia *her parents PAID for her uni fees as well as her training* Joanne works and trains everyday.

They deserve more than negative comments and hopefully this message gets to the right people. Malaysian Gymnastics Federation supports only artistic n rhythmic gymnasts and look where it's landed them--- the top two potential olympic gymnasts shu wai n his brother quit on them... must say a lot about the system!

Chen Chow said...

Thanks for your clarification!

Great to know that they are working hard on their own to represent our nation during the Korat Sea Games.

Definitely hope that MGF and other sports associations in our country would be more supportive of our athletes.

How's both Pei Ling and Joanne doing nowadays? Hope that they would continue their hard work and hopefully would be able to reach greater heights!