Monday, December 03, 2007

Chong Wei lost in final to Lin Dan for Hong Kong Open

Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan in the final of Hong Kong Open, one of the Super Series for Badminton. He won the first set 21-9, but eventually lost to his nemesis, Lin Dan 15-21 15-21.

Chong Wei still has a lot of room to work on to improve. We really hope that Chong Wei could bring us the cheer from Beijing next year. Or may be from Mew Choo? Kien Keat-Boon Heong? or other players?

After many editions of Olympics, we are still waiting for our first shine of gold medal. Can badminton deliver it? Or we need other sports to do so?


Anonymous said...

:-\ yeah.. what a let down.. so are KKK-TBH.. they keep losing in early rounds these days.. i think that the biggest problem Msian sportsmen will first have to deal with is their lack of consistency.. yes, Wong MC went on to win the China Open a couple of weeks ago, beating Xie Xingfang in the final, but lost in the first (or second, i cant remember exactly) round in the HK Open last week, whereas Xie Xingfang has appeared in the 2 finals above. back-to-back. so lethargy is a pretty lame excuse if u ask me. they really need to work a lot more on their fitness level.

*oh, btw, i was the girl who talked about the Astro Scholarship last saturday.. lol.


Chen Chow said...

ave, nice to meet you last Saturday. You didn't come over and approach me after that~!

Yeah, inconsistency is definitely one of the challenges of our players. I won't say lack of exposure. On lethargic, that would show that their fitness and perhaps mental strength is not as strong.

Having said that, I would still say that for them to even play at that level, even rank 20-30 in the world, that's a huge achievement (although of course, it is not good enough). It is definitely not easy to reach that level.