Thursday, December 06, 2007

Champion's Trophy Updates

Malaysia suffered its 4th loses for Champion's Trophy. We lost marginally 2-3 to South Korea, which is quite laudable. South Korea is no pushover in hockey and by us just losing to them by a goal margin, it is actually quite impressive.

We still lie at the last with 1 point, out of the draw with Pakistan, but I think we deserve the credits for limiting all our 5 opponents to just a winning of 1 or 2 goal advantage over Malaysia. That's a huge achievement, especially since Malaysia qualified for Champion's Trophy, by virtue of being the host. We are no where ranked near the world top 8. We are even facing a hard time to get qualification for Olympics 2008 Beijing. Chances of us qualifying is actually quite slim. I can't recall which team we would fight against, but it is going to be challenging.

These 7 hard matches would give our national team the most needed practice. After this, they would have a few simple warm up games in Sea Games. That would be good practice.

For other matches, Britain upset Pakistan by 4-1. Spain upset Australia by 3-2 and Germany and Netherland shared the spoiler of 3-3 draw.

Lets have all our Malaysian hockey fans to cheer our national team in the remaining two games against powerhouse Germany, who is still unbeaten in the tournament and Spain.

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