Saturday, December 15, 2007

Korat Sea Games Report

I just have a few minutes to blog, so going to have it quick.

First of all, Syabas to our national athletes to help Malaysia to finish Number 2 for the 24th Sea Games in Korat and also to achieve our best achievements outside of Kuala Lumpur for Sea Games.

As of now, we have gotten 67 Gold medals (although I haven't found where our 3 gold medals are yet for today, maybe they have counted the polo gold medal). As of end of yesterday, we got 64 Golds, 49 Silvers and 89 Bronze, making us tie with Vietnam on gold medals.

Today, Rhythemic Gymnastic has delivered 2 Golds 1 Silver and 3 Bronzes, with Ribbon event still running.

And another event is we are playing in Polo Final.

For Beach volleyball, we added a bronze and also we added a silver for team eventing for Equestrian.

The 67 Golds would mean we are tie with our achievements in 1989 the 15th KL Sea Games, and just behind the 111 Gold Medals in 2001 Sea Games.

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