Thursday, December 13, 2007

Early Decision Number Grows Significantly

Highlighted to me by some of the Early Decision Applicants, I decide to google around and see whether it is true that total applicants for Early Decision for most universities have increased.

Harvard, Princeton and Virginia have decided to stop their Early Decision/Early Actioin/Early Admission practice. Guess, I am going to call all these ED, to make things simple.

From various articles, I have gotten such stats:-
Chicago, up by 42% from 3,031 to 4,329
Yale, up by 36% to 4,820
Georgetown, up by 31% from 4,562 to 5,980
Notre Dame, up by 18%, to 4,290
Northwestern, up by 17% to 1,520
MIT, up by ~10% from 3,493 to ~3,800
Brown, up by 6%
Dartmouth, Columbia --> modest increase
Stanford, about unchanged at ~4,570

My stats above are from:-
b) New York Times
c) Chicago Tribune

Other articles on U.S. Universities:-
a) Harvard News
b) Wall Street Journal
c) Cornell Daily Sun on Transfer Students vs Regular Students

Some excerpts of statistics for Cornell Regular vs Transfer Students:-
Agriculture and Life Sciences
Regular Admit Rate: 22.52%
Transfer Admit Rate: 51.47%

Architecture, Art and Planning
Regular Admit Rate: 17.05%
Transfer Admit Rate: 18.89%

Arts and Sciences
Regular Admit Rate: 17.96%
Transfer Admit Rate: 13.78%

Regular Admit Rate: 30.89%
Transfer Admit Rate: 18.51%

School of Hotel Administration
Regular Admit Rate: 20.66%
Transfer Admit Rate: 52.27%

Human Ecology
Regular Admit Rate: 35.31%
Transfer Admit Rate: 29.02%

Industrial and Labor Relations
Regular Admit Rate: 27.85%
Transfer Admit Rate: 59.64%

Total University
Regular Admit Rate: 21.40%
Transfer Admit Rate: 29.36%

Good Luck for those who are applying!

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