Friday, December 28, 2007

Ivy League Admission Rate

For those of you who wanted to know more about Ivy League admission rate, at least for those who entered last year, I find that Hernandez College Consulting has a very good database record. You could refer to the stats here .

This would allow you to have a high level understanding on the level of difficulty of entering the universities of your dream. It focuses mainly on the Ivies (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Brown), MIT, Stanford etc. So, for those of you who have aspirations for those universities, it would be something for you to read through. They have some statistics on Early Decision too (although I haven't found the statistics for this year).

Interestingly, they also have something called Academic Index Calculator. This would give you a rough understanding on whether your SAT and your high school results are sufficient for applications of these universities. The full score of these are 240, with average Ivy League admits are 211, and average Ivy League applicants are 200. This could be used as rough guide. For international students, I would hope that you would aim to be much higher than the average 211 as well. To access it, go to here

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