Sunday, December 02, 2007

Scholarships Talk in Penang

Thanks to the invitation from Mensa Penang, today, I had a chance to share with about 130 students and parents in Caring Society Complex in Penang on How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in U.S.

It is a great session and it is a great crowd. Thanks to Nic and Krista for organizing this and it is great to see PC Sim, Immediate Past Chairman of Mensa Penang there as well.

Covered various aspects during the session, from life being a student in U.S., various scholarships opportunities in Malaysia, especially on JPA, scholarships from Singapore and also those financial aids from U.S., and also some tips of applications.

Guess, the 2 hours were not really sufficient. So, a lot of things had to be rushed over. But guess, the attendees have a good sense of what was covered.

Seems a fruitful session!

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