Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sea Games Update (3rd Dec 2007)

Today, our football team went down to play, and finally they managed to give a good display of themselves. 4-0 win over Laos, means that we won't suffer the humiliation that Singapore went through 2 days ago, when they were held 0-0 by Laos.

Singapore beat Vietnam 3-2, and this practically threw Group B into open.

Current Standings are:-

Singapore 1 Win 1 Draw, total goals (3-2), 4 points
Malaysia 1 Win 1 Lose, total goals (5-3), 3 points
Vietnam 1 Win 1 Lose, total goals (5-4), 3 points
Laos, 1 Draw 1 Lose, total goals (0-4), 1 point

Final game:-
Malaysia vs Singapore
Vietnam vs Laos

Assume that the form book is not upsetted, Vietnam would beat Laos, and this means that for Malaysia to qualify for semi-final, we have no choice, but to beat Singapore.

The other event that we have Malaysian participation today is table tennis.

For men's team, we beat Laos 3-0, beat Myanmar 3-0, lost to Vietnam 0-3

For women's team, we lost to Singapore 0-3, beat Laos 3-0.

Our women's team will play Myanmar tomorrow, whereas our men team will play Indonesia.

Our skeet team, or rather even our shooting team is quite a let down this Sea Games. They end their campaign with just a mere 2 Golds 3 Silvers and 5 Bronze.

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