Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dr. Faiz 6 Months at ISS

Dr. Faiz Khaleed, our 2nd angkasawan is going to spend 6 months in International Space Station (ISS), to fully establish himself as a full-blown astronauts. This was reported by Utusan Malaysia and The Star .

The 6 month staying in ISS would enable him to conduct full-fledged experiments at International Space Station, as well as really be an astronaut or cosmonaut like those from NASA or Roskosmos (Russian National Space Agency). This 2nd trip to space would be held in 2011.

This would be our 2nd mission to the space, after the successful mission by Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, who was our 1st astronaut.

On the returns from this Space exploration, I would say that the best returns on investment would be on the soft side, where it would hopefully be able to create greater awareness on Space among fellow younger generations of Malaysians and from there encourage them to build up their knowledge of space and build up their nature of trying to find out new stuff or exploration skills.

All these would take time, but our 1st mission has created a lot of effects on Space learing in Malaysia. A lot of articles on space were produced for our newspapers during those days. People have been reading up much more on space. And also people would have learned a lot from those 2 weeks of dedicated space channel in Astro.

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