Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cornell Early Decision for Class of 2012

Congratulations to Fu Ken Hui and Tan Sheng Hong for both being obtained admission for Cornell University College of Engineering Class of 2012.

Welcome to the Big Red! This is a great breakthrough for Malaysians, when we are having 2 fellow Malaysians who are able to successfully get into Cornell University through the Early Decision! Syabas!

To all applicants for Regular Decision, good luck!

Ken Hui and Sheng Hong, hope that both of you would make full use of your Cornell experience! Getting admission is definitely just the first step, and I am sure both of you would be able to make full use of the opportuities there.

To all who fail to get admission, I am sorry about it, but life goes on. Irrespective of which university you get in, do make full use of the opportunities there! It is not just about getting admission, but making full use of the admission!

Good Luck!

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