Friday, December 28, 2007

Start-Up@Singapore - An Insider View of Silicon Valley

Came across this talk from facebook .

This would be a good talk to attend, especially for those who live in Johor or Singapore. I would be attending this talk too!


Start-Up@Singapore’s first event of the New Year brings together individuals that have played a key role in forging ties between Singapore and Silicon Valley. Over the last decade, “technopreneurship” and “creative chaos” have become buzzwords in a country where years of government planning and a conservative social environment have somewhat blunted the risk-taking spirit. Join Tom Kosnik, Eric Tachibana and our invited GLEAN Leaders to learn more about how Singapore-based entrepreneurs can and are contributing to the transformation of this country’s entrepreneurial landscape. Is the Valley’s model suitable and desirable for Singapore? Will venture capitalists here ever be more comfortable investing in high-tech start-up companies rather than prime real estate? More importantly, how do we reinvent the stigma attached to failure as something akin to a badge of honour? All your burning questions and more will be answered in this exciting event brought to you by Start-Up@Singapore.


5 January 2008

3.00pm to 5.00pm
Registration starts at 2.00pm

Engineering Auditorium
9 Engineering Drive 1
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117575



- Tom Kosnik
Tom Kosnik is a Consulting Professor for the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) at the Stanford School of Engineering. He is also on the Board of Advisors of the Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students (BASES) and the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurs Association (NUSEA). He has provided guidance for the Stanford Entrepreneurs' Challenge since 1996 and numerous other business plan competitions since 2000. Tom has worked with over 100 start-up companies since 1978. He also provides consulting and executive education to global companies in imagination-intensive industries. Some of his past clients include American Management Systems, Apple Computers, Applied Materials, Electronic Arts, Ericsson, Ernst & Young, Genesys, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Nuance Communications.

- GLEAN Leaders
The Global Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Altruists Network (GLEAN) aims to create a more peaceful world by helping entrepreneurs, leaders and altruists across cultures and generations find their respective paths, earn each other's trust and join forces for the common good. The network promotes the building of trustworthy networks to create true value in our shared hope to save the planet while sharing the wealth.


- Eric Tachibana
Eric Tachibana has been an entrepreneur for the last 12 years creating, building and eventually exiting successful small companies in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the United Kingdom. Today, Eric continues his entrepreneurial endeavors as an angel investor, strategic adviser and mentor to young, developing entrepreneurs. He has served as a Founding Director in 7 companies ranging from IT and F&B to retail and fashion. As an MBA graduate from NUS and an author of 7 books on technology development and innovation management, Eric continues to focus on blending academic rigor with experience and intuition-driven real-world execution.


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