Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mickey Mouse Land

Disney, the name synonymous with Mickey Mouse, has been a household name around the world.

Hong Kong Disneyland which was opened in 2006, had another bad year for 2007. Total visitors to Disneyland was a total of 5 million for the first year, and it dropped to slightly more than 4 million for the year of 2007.

Would 2008 continue to see a drop in total visits? This is quite a serious issues, especially with Billions being pumped in for the Disneyland in Hong Kong.

Would Disney be viable for the opening at Iskandar Development Region? Would it bring the necessary crowd? Would it be profitable? Would our local government's investment be too much in it, and eventually needed a bail out?

Can Disney even outperform Genting at the very basic? How about Universal at the Genting Integrated Resort? Can they do better?

A lot of questions, and all these investments would have to see whether the market here is ready.

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