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Educational Resources

Thanks to Shu Wen, who is very passionate on Education for sharing the following links.

Top 50 College Admissions Blogs

Early Admissions Decisions Pour In For Class of 2015

Lingnan University

Taiwan Scholarship Program 2011

Reach Oxford Scholarship - University of Oxford:

Utrecht University

Taylor's Open Day

Thanks to Lay Tin for sharing with my blog readers on this Taylor's Open Day on 8th-9th January 2011.


January 2011 Events

Below are list of events in Malaysia/Singapore, shared by Calendata.


CALENDATA January 2011 Happy New Year!

Week 1
Jan 01, Sat   6:00pm   Open Casting - Auditorium Taman Budaya  (Free)
Jan 03, Mon  5:30pm   Higher Education in Transition - Sunway Uni (Free)
Jan 05, Wed 10:00am  ICT and Biotech for SMEs - Menara Matrade  (Free)
Jan 06, Thu  8:00am   Red Hat Forum - Empire Hotel, Subang (Free)
Jan 06, Thu  4:30pm   Fire Starter 3 - Dana Business Centre (Free)
Jan 06, Thu  8:00pm   Juwita Suwito - Starbucks, Bangsar Village 2 (Free)
Jan 08, Thu  8:00pm   Android Speed Dating - Google, Singapore (Free)

Week 2
Jan 11, Tue   1:30pm   An Empowered Workforce - KLCC  (Free)
Jan 11, Tue   6:30pm   Lean Startups - Plug n Play, Mid Valley  (RM 20)
Jan 11, Tue   8:00pm   Hacking UniFi - Damansara Utama  (RM 15)
Jan 12, Wed 10:30am  Cradle Investment Programme - Matrade (Free)
Jan 14, Fri    9:00am   Blackberry Developer Conference - Bali  (USD 200)
Jan 15, Sat   8:00am   Don't Just Quit, Crush It! - NSTP, Bangsar (RM 180)
Jan 15, Sat   9:00am   VoIP Operation and Security - Phileo Damansara (RM 99)
Jan 15, Sat   6:30pm   On Relationships 2 - White Box, Solaris Dutamas (Free)

Weeks 3 & 4
Jan 19, Wed  9:00am   Memory Forensics - Phileo Damansara (RM 99)
Jan 19, Wed 1:30pm   Sir Gregory Winter - Matrix Biopolis, Singapore (Free)
Jan 20, Thu  3:00pm   Global Business Plan - SMU, Singapore (Free)
Jan 26, Wed 9:00am   12 Brain Rules - Doubletree by Hilton  (RM 1.8K)
Jan 26, Wed 7:00pm   Webcamp Alpha - UOA Bangsar  (Free)
Jan 27, Thu  9:00am   Strategic Outlook Conference - Royale Chulan (RM 1.6K)

To find out more about the events listed above, visit:

PCORE Youth Forum

Got news of this PCORE Youth Forum from UKEC mailing list.


PCORE Youth Forum

Forum Details: 
Location: Malaysia Hall, Malaysian Students Department, 30‐34 Queensborough Terrace, London, W2 3ST. 
Date: 3rd January 2011 
Time: 1.00 – 3.00 pm 

Guests of Honour: 
1. Prof. Madya Dr. Rosman Abdullah, Director, MSD. 
2. Datin Halimah Mohd. Said, Founder and chairperson, PCORE. 

12.30 pm – Students' arrival. 
12.45 pm – Guests' arrival. 
1.00 pm – Welcoming speech by MSD Director, Prof. Madya Dr. Rosman Abdullah. 
1.15 pm – Introduction on PCORE and speaker. 
1.30 pm – Speaker's address, Datin Halimah Mohd. Said. 
2.30 pm – Q&A and discussion session. 
3.00 pm – Presentation of token of appreciation by Farquar Haqqani, UKEC Chairman. 
3.30 pm – Refreshments. 

If you have any enquiries with regards to the event, please contact the UKEC General Secretary, Melissa Kong at

Please RSVP your attendance by emailing Abu Fadzil at

Introduction on PCORE: 

PCORE is the acronym for Peace, COnscience and REason, a citizen movement which has been initiated to promote healthy discussion on the way forward to achieve peace and national unity. 

By raising awareness on the importance of lending the voices of peace, conscience and reason at all levels of discourse, a conducive environment will be created to implement meaningful programmes and initiatives. 

By stimulating the energy of the young and the experience of the veterans, the collective wisdom will produce constructive ideas for change and development. 

PCORE's inaugural forum in November 2010 was supported by Yayasan 1Malaysia and ASLI, and graced by the royal guest of honour DYMM Raja Zarith Sofiah Binti Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah. It was attended by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali and Dato' Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as well as prominent speakers, civil society activists, representatives from government agencies, institutions of higher learning, NGOs and the private sector. 

PCORE represents a group of citizens who embrace and share the notion of peace as the way forward to achieve the national goals of unity and integration. Peace is the universal path to meaningful dialogue, communication and discourse among diverse groups of people. 

Forum Objectives: 
The objective of the Youth Forum is to introduce PCORE and to encourage the UK Malaysian student movement to lend their voices of peace, conscience and reason to promote 
initiatives for nation building. PCORE addresses issues that are of interest and concern to youth, among which are the following: 


Speaker's Profile: 
DATIN HALIMAH MOHD SAID is a writer and citizen journalist who contributes regularly to "Letters to the Editor" in three mainstream newspapers, namely New Straits Times, The Star and The Sun. 
Her writings represent an analytical viewpoint on issues of national concern such as corruption, education and socio‐cultural problems, and a discussion of their societal 

Besides the traditional print media, her postings regularly appear in her blog and on Facebook, reaching out to both the older and younger generations.

Currently, she sits on the committee of several organisations including Persatuan Bahasa Moden Malaysia and Heritage Asia. 

As a long‐serving educationist and academician specialising in English and Linguistics – secondary school teacher (1969-76) and university lecturer (1976-2000) - she has contributed and edited numerous writings including the co‐authorship of a book Images of the Jawi Peranakan of Penang (2004). 

As the founder of PCORE, she is actively pursuing activities on the ground including a Youth Forum in the first quarter of 2011, an Art Exhibition in the last quarter as well as community, art and language camps. 

Halimah holds a BA (Hons) in English (Universiti Malaya), Diploma in Education (Universiti Malaya), MA in Applied Linguistics (University of Leeds) and completed a four-year residential requirement for a PhD in Translation Theory (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London). 

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Langat South forest in danger

Thanks to Jin Rui for sharing this.


The Selangor State Agriculture Corporation (PKPS) made a proposal to acquire the whole of Langat South Forest Reserve (6908 ha) for an oil palm plantation. The Menteri Besar has given Selangor Forestry Department and the Selangor Wildlife Department two weeks to come up with justification for conserving the reserve. The deadline for this is on the 30th of December, this coming Thursday, and we're hoping to garner support and get people to phone in to the Selangor MB's office to send the message that we want to preserve this peat forest. For more details, you can check this out:

Also, join the facebook page to get current updates on the progress (as well as to pledge support ;) :

Peat forests play a huge role in regulating carbon emissions as they are important carbon storages, and the Langat South forest reserve also serve as a habitat for the various flora and fauna residing within it. Photos of an assessment trip that took place last week can be viewed here:


Sunday, December 26, 2010

2011 Wharton Investment Conference

Thanks to Mutual Investment Club of Cornell (MICC)  for sharing this conference.

Wharton Investment Conference: Emerging Markets
January 22nd, 2011    

Jon M Huntsman Hall

Want to network before OCR? Learn about emerging markets? Drop your resume? 

REGISTER HERE by January 16th to attend the annual Wharton Investment Conference. The event is FREE for all Penn undergraduate and graduate students, and $10 for non-Penn students.

ATTACHED HERE is a Conference Brochure with the schedule and detailed description of each event. 

Below is an overview of the events and confirmed speakers:

Opening Ceremony Keynote

Jay Ireland

CEO of GE Asset Management 


Networking Luncheon

All Conference Speakers


Panel on Emerging Markets

Stephen F.X. Roney

Managing Director of UBS 

Professor Karen Lewis

Wharton Finance Department


Jason Pride

Director of Investment Strategy of Glenmede

Portfolio Establishment Workshop

Eric Boory

Senior Vice President of Morgan Stanley Barney Smith


Stock Pitch Competition 

 Judged by two Conference Speakers

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Teach for Malaysia Launch

Congratulations to Teach For Malaysia for officially being launched yesterday on 24th December 2010.

Congrats to the team, especially Keeran and Dzameer, and their amazing team~! They definitely work very hard for it, and it is great to see TFM successfully launched by Deputy Prime Minister!

I had an earlier post on TFM talk. Do read it if you haven't.

To all who are interested, do check out


Encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I will be more than happy to post it to share.Feel free to quote any post within my blog, as long as you link it back here. Sharing is always a good virtue. :)For more educational/youth initiatives, check out Educating Malaysian Youth Facebook Page .

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Harvard Business School to Wall Street: Rejection

Thanks to my loyal blog contributor for sharing this.

Harvard Business School to Wall Street: Rejection

Write-up for 2nd Annual Young Corporate Malaysians Summit

Victor Lee and Ka Keat have both written up an article on the recent 2nd Annual Young Corporate Malaysians Summit. This would enable those of you who miss the summit to learn a bit from the speakers!

Educational Resources

Thanks to Shu Wen who consistently share lots of education articles with all of us. She is definitely someone very passionate on education, particularly on US Education!

Malaysia Tries to Lure World Class Institutes

Elite Colleges Continue to Fill Slots Early

Students Stay Away in Droves for Australian Universities

Is Going to an Elite College Worth the Cost?

GLOBAL: What is intellectual capital? Does it matter?

EducationUSA on Undergrad Financial Aid

Shell Malaysia Scholarships 2011 (Closing date: January 16th,  2011)

Academia Sinica's Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) is now accepting applications for the 2011-2012 academic years.

Town and Gown Working Together

Cheating and Academic Integrity

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mari Kita Membaca, I Heart Borneo, Merdeka Scholarships

Thanks to Sabrina, Jin Rui and UKEC for the following initiatives and info.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! For this festive season, perhaps a good way to end it would be to donate to initiatives to help the village kids to study. For the I Heart Borneo, great to see this awesome initiative, as since MSLS when I was a moderator and we all discussed about East Malaysia, I resolved to know more about East Malaysia, and this year, finally, I got the chance to know a bit more. Went on 5 trips to East Malaysia, and believe it or not, I haven't been to East Malaysia until this year! Still got lots more places in East Malaysia to visit, but as Malaysian, especially Malaysian in Peninsular Malaysia, if you haven't taken the step to do so, please do so!

Mari Kita Membaca (Thanks to Sabrina Chan for sharing this)
(Note from Sabrina:- The project I'm in is called Mari Kita Membaca (see We started just a few months ago and in a nutshell, we fundraise to send books to orang asli villages which already have community learning centers. We screen and select villages that we think will benefit the most out of getting the books and after consultation with local teachers, we help them buy the books that would assist them in their curriculum. It's not a very big operation, but we do what we can. We have a pretty quick turnover of our cash, and 100% of it goes towards buying the books and any delivery expenses. )

I Heart Borneo (Thanks to Jin Rui for sharing this)
(Tweet with #iheartborneo)
(Note from Jin Rui:- To put it in a cheesy way, it's this nonprofit, community-run initiative that is aiming to encourage people to share what they love about Borneo (emphasis on Malaysian Borneo). You can upload photos or videos of your experience in Borneo, as well as tweet your experiences on Tweeter (with the #iheartborneo hastag). Also to connect people from East and West Malaysia cause we're all kind-of disconnected from each other. Eg, i admit that even i don't know much about the cultures and ethnic backgrounds of people of Sabah and Swak. It's more focused on social networking media (like FB, Twitter, blogs etc), they will be organizing monthly events that will take place in East Malaysia up until April. )

Merdeka Scholarships (Thanks to UKEC for sharing this)

Invitation to Volunteer for Child Sponsorship Campaign Road Show at Queensbay Mall, Penang

Got this from World Vision!


Dear Friend,

Greetings from World Vision!

We are delighted to invite you to volunteer for the ‘Change a Life, Change Your Own’ Campaign Roadshow at North Zone, Ground Floor, Queensbay Mall, Penang.

Child sponsorship helps to provide basic necessities for the sponsored children as well as their families and communities – access to health care, education, life skills training and economic development for the entire community, clean water and nutritious food.

The road show is on for 3 days from 18 to 20 February 2011 (Friday-Sunday). There will be 2 shifts per day:

Morning shift (9.30am-4.00pm)
Afternoon shift (3.30pm-10.00pm)

The following are some of the responsibilities and criteria we seek in a volunteer:
- Able to work as a team to approach shoppers to promote World Vision and Child Sponsorship
- To explain/answer questions about child sponsorship
- To facilitate the sale of merchandise and collect donations at the merchandise booth
- Possess good communication skills; enjoy interacting with people
- Responsible and proactive
- Preferable bilingual (English and Mandarin)
- Age 18 years and above

Note: -
1) Kindly indicate your preferred shift(s) by filling in the form attached below (if possible please take up more than 1 shift), then e-mail back the completed form.
2) Be punctual for briefing and T-shirt collection. (Indicate your T-shirt size: S, M, L, XL, XXL. If you already have the World Vision white colour T-shirt, please wear it.)
3) For male volunteers, you are greatly encouraged to select the afternoon shifts.
4) A token of RM10 per shift will be given to each volunteer as meal/transport allowance.

Kindly reply no later than 16 January 2011. We will notify you via e-mail if you have been accepted to volunteer.

Please contact me at 03-78806414 or email me

 should you require additional information.

Thank you!

* It is compulsory for all accepted volunteers to attend training on 17 February 2011 (Thursday) from 6 - 8pm at USM-CCC, Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor, Penang.


诚心邀请您成为槟城Queensbay Mall儿童助养计划活动的志工



世界宣明会将在槟城Queensbay Mall, North Zone, 底层进行一场《一点爱心 ? 生命更新》活动。故此,至于诚邀有兴趣的朋友们担任此活动的志工。



早班 (早上9时30分至下午4时)
晚班 (下午3时30分至晚上10时)

- 有团体精神且勇于向大众介绍世界宣明会和儿童助养计划
- 给与儿童助养计划解释/解答
- 透过售卖世界宣明会纪念品筹款
- 具备良好的沟通技巧,善与交谈
- 负责任及积极主动
- 通晓华语及英文为佳
- 18岁或以上


(请电邮告诉我们您的志工制服尺寸: S, M, L, XL, XXL。如果您已经拥有我们的志工制服,请在值班当天穿上。)
3) 鼓励男生志工选择晚班。




* 务必出席2011年2月17日(星期四)在槟城USM-CCC, Jalan Sungai Dua, Gelugor的志工训练,大约傍晚6点至中午8点

Warm Regards,
Jennifer Ting  |  Marketing & Communications |  World Vision Malaysia
106 & 108 Ground Floor, Block A, Kelana Centre Point, Jalan SS 7/19, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
tel : +603-7880 6414  |  fax : +603-7880 6424   |
World Vision is an International Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

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Calendata Festive Edition

Listing of events from


CALENDATA Festive Edition - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This Weekend - Breaking Events!
Dec 17, Sat  6:30pm  Web Camp Pre-Xmas Gathering - Starbucks, Bangsar  (Free)
Dec 18, Sat  9:00am Meetup - Teeq Brasserie, Lot 10 (Free)
Dec 18, Sat  9:30am  Six Sigma - KDU University College (Free)
Dec 18, Sat  9:30am  Islamic Financial Planning - KDU University College (Free)
Dec 18, Sat  12:00pm Business Analytics - Sunway University College (Free)
Dec 19, Sat  12:00pm Android vs iPhone - Sunway University College (Free)

Next Week
Dec 20, Mon  9:00am Design Camp 2010 - KBU University College (Free)
Dec 21, Tue  8:30am  Wireless & Mobility - Sunway University College (Free)
Dec 23, Thu  9:00am  Pikom SME Business Success with ICT - Nikko Hotel (RM 50)

Indicative information only.
To find out more about the events listed above, visit:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Resources Shared by Shu Wen

Shu Wen has been very passionate on sharing educational resources. Below are some of the resources that she shared with me and you.

1. Dearth of Blacks at Oxford and Cambridge 

2. Rule review to control students entry and stay in British

3. Australia: What skills for international students

4. What Chinese college graduates go through

5. The case for Early Decision

6. The American School Search

7. Nearly 90% of Young Alum says going to college is worth it

8. Singapore University plans its first residential college

9. Study Abroad: Revenue drain or stream

10. Oxford's Research-based Affirmative Action

Sunday, December 12, 2010

PhD fellowships open call for University of Cologne

Thanks to Su Jun for sharing on this program. She also highlighted that ability to speak German is not a pre-requisite for this program.


University of Cologne, Germany
PhD fellowships starting Fall 2011
The University of Cologne has a long-standing tradition and world-wide reputation for top-level molecular biological research. Beginning in Fall 2011 we offer:

PhD fellowships from the International Graduate School in Development Health and Disease 

The participating research groups use microbial, plant and animal model systems to investigate cell biological and genetic mechanisms whose perturbation during the life cycle of an organism results in disease.

The three-year programme starts with a six-month rotation and course period, followed by a PhD project in one of the participating groups. Seminars and training courses complement the research work. Comprehensive support is provided throughout the programme. The programme language is English. 

Accepted students will receive a laptop computer and 500 EUR to get started in Cologne. No tuition fees are charged. 

To obtain further information about the PhD program and application please visit our website at:
Deadline for application is 28. February 2011
Candidates from countries with no visa requirement can apply until 15 March

Contact: Dr. Joanna Majczak, Zuelpicher Str. 47a, 50674 Cologne, Germany
e-mail: phone: +49 (0) 221 470 7728
We invite applications from highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality. We are looking forward to your application for a PhD fellowship in Cologne, the exciting city in the heart of Europe.

US Application Resource

Thanks to Ken-Ji for sharing on this US Application resources - 

Friday, December 10, 2010

NYTimes on "Does It Matter Where You Go To College?"

Thanks to my loyal blog contributor on sharing this article.

Useful Links by Shu Wen

Thanks to Shu Wen for sharing these useful links.

For outstanding student who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in Singapore

Does It Matter Where You Go to College?

Why French Scholars Love U.S. Colleges

The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs launched the Eiffel excellence scholarship programme in January 1999 to support French centres of higher education in their international outreach initiatives, in a context of mounting competition among developed countries, to attract elite overseas students on master's, engineering and  PhD courses.

EdUSA Connects Webinars for students: Undergrad Financial Aid sessions scheduled 12/8 & 12/13 

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Facon Education Fair Kuala Lumpur & KL Children Book Fair

Thanks to Victor Lee Zhi Yu for sharing these events.


Facon Education Fair Kuala Lumpur

Peninsula Malaysia
Opening Hours : 11am to 6pm
Johor BahruDec 11 & 12 (Sat & Sun) Persada Johor International Convention Centre
Alor SetarDec 14 (Tue) Holiday Villa Hotel
Penang Dec 15 (Wed)Traders Hotel
IpohDec 16 (Thu) Syuen Hotel
Kuala Lumpur Dec 18 & 19 (Sat & Sun)Putra World Trade Centre
MalaccaDec 20 (Mon) Hotel Equatorial Melaka
East Malaysia
Opening Hours : 12pm to 4pm
MiriDec 11 (Sat) Grand Palace Hotel
Kuching Dec 12 (Sun)Riverside Majestic Hotel
SibuDec 13 (Mon) RH Hotel
Sandakan Dec 17 (Fri)Sandakan Hotel
Kota KinabaluDec 18 (Sat)  The Pacific Sutera, Sutera Harbour Resort
Tawau Dec 19 (Sun) MB Hotel

The second event is the KL Children Book Fair organized by National Book Council of Malaysia. 
Date: 22-26 December 2010
Time: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m
Venue: Tun Razak Hall 3, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur
Fee: Free
Those who are interested in Animation and Creative Content can join a seminar on that day as well. 

Hope these can help your readers =)

P1 Edu-Inside Motivational Talk to Youths in Penang

Thanks to P1 Edu-Inside for organizing this motivational talk to youths in Penang.

Date :- 18th December 2010
Time :- 1pm - 5pm
Venue :- Lecture Theater 2, Level 2, KDU Penang Campus, 32, Jalan Anson, 10400 Penang

Otak-Otak : An Internship Program for Leaders

Thanks to Joyce Tagal and Anand Pillai, 2 of my very good friends who are leading this initiative.


Otak-Otak : An Internship Program for Leaders

What is it :  Otak-Otak is a highly selective leadership program for interns to be held during the June - July 2011 period. We are looking to accept 50 top students and place them in leading organisations across 4 sectors in Malaysia  - the corporate sector, small businesses, goverment, and the non profit realm. All interns will have access to events most evenings after work (networking, site visits, training from corporates), and also share common accomodation - with regular sharing and development sessions planned. 

Why its important :  This is a unique oppurtunity for students to participate in a highly selective program of its kind and share experiences with other students who are going through the same program. It will be the first year (of many to come) for a very innovative program that will allow young Malaysians to work at top companies across KL and at the same time be part of a larger group. 

How to Apply : Application details and more program information can be found at

Teach for Malaysia Pre-Launch Information Session

Thanks to Zuri for sharing on this Teach for Malaysia Pre-Launch Info Session



Make a Difference Every Day

Did you know that education inequity starts early and gets worse over time? Join us at the Teach For Malaysia Pre-Launch Information Session to find out how we aim to close the achievement gap in the classrooms and beyond. As Teach For Malaysia will be launched early next year, this session will give us the opportunity to reach out to our supporters, while providing a good networking base for you to get to know others who believe in the same cause. Details of the event are as follows:

Title:               "Teach For Malaysia Pre-Launch Information Session"            

Link:     !/event.php?eid=153814831330819

Date:               Wednesday, 15th of December 2010

Time:               7.00 PM - 10.30 PM

Venue:            Hock Choon Terrace,

                        241 B, Lorong Nibong,

                        Off Jalan Ampang,

                        50450 Kuala Lumpur

                        (Venue, food & beverages are sponsored by Hock Choon Terrace)



                        Parking: Free parking (outside the Terrace)

                        Nearest LRT stations: Jelatek  & Ampang Park RapidKL Station

                        Nearest bus stop: In front of Sayfol International School (3 min walk to the Terrace)  


Agenda:        7.00 PM – 8.00 PM Registration and Light Refreshments

                        8.00 PM - 8.30 PM Introduction to Teach For Malaysia by our co-founders, Dzameer & Keeran

                        8.30 PM - 9.00 PM Have Your Say (Audience Discussion)

                        9.00 PM – 9.30 PM Acoustic Performance by Bazli & Razlan

                        9.30 PM onwards   Informal Networking


Due to limited space, kindly confirm your attendance for this event by providing your full name, organisation/university, and contact number by 5 p.m. on Monday the 13th of December 2010 to

Thank you.


About Teach For Malaysia

Teach For Malaysia's vision is for all children in Malaysia to have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. We are enlisting Malaysia's most outstanding youth in our mission to end education inequity. Teach For Malaysia participants would serve for a minimum of 2 years in challenging schools and commit to transform the educational outcomes of less-privileged schoolchildren through significantly improving their achievements and aspirations. In time, our alumni would form an influential network of leaders, committed in their pursuit of expanding educational opportunities from within and outside of the education sector. Currently in the early stages of development, Teach For Malaysia aims to place its first cohort of 50 participants in challenging classrooms at the start of the school term in January 2012.

Survey on how people deciding where they live

Thanks to my anonymous friend for sharing this.


In today's globalized world, people face more possibilities and opportunities not just in the country that they live in but also in other countries around the world. With more choices and greater mobility, it is interesting to understand how and why people decide to live in a particular country. We would like to study these reasons through the following survey.
To participate in this research, please click on the link. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes. 
Also, you have a chance to win one of three Apple store gift cards, worth US$100 each.
Thank you and feel free to forward the link to all your friends and family.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Taylor's College Open Day

Thanks to Jolene Sim, a Taylor's student for sharing with me on this.

Calling all SPM leavers. Taylor's College will be having an Open Day on 17 - 19 December 2010!

If you have burning questions about Pre-U programmes or your education pathway after SPM, get your answers by posting your questions on!

Taylor's College Pre-U Studies Programmes:
Cambridge A Levels (CAL)
Canadian Pre-University (CPU)
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
South Australian Matriculation (SAM)

We look forward to see you there!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The 2nd Young Corporate Malaysians Summit

Which event in Kuala Lumpur, that attracts the following 26 companies or organizations as sponsors?

Platinum Sponsors:- Pricewaterhousecoopers, Brunsfield, CIMB Group, Danga Bay, Weida, 1Malaysia Development Berhad, StarBiz, ICAEW
Gold Sponsors:- Kuok Brothers, Yayasan Khazanah, Accenture, Ernst & Young
Silver Sponsors:- Bursa Malaysia, Maybank Investment Bank, Zaid Ibrahim & Co, KPMG, Deloitte, Scomi, HSBC Amanah
Bronze Sponsors:- Tenaga Nasional, Securities Commission
Partners:-, Malaysia's 100 (by and GTI media), Graduan, Teach for Malaysia, Bernama TV 

Please help to spread the words around!