Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mari Kita Membaca, I Heart Borneo, Merdeka Scholarships

Thanks to Sabrina, Jin Rui and UKEC for the following initiatives and info.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! For this festive season, perhaps a good way to end it would be to donate to initiatives to help the village kids to study. For the I Heart Borneo, great to see this awesome initiative, as since MSLS when I was a moderator and we all discussed about East Malaysia, I resolved to know more about East Malaysia, and this year, finally, I got the chance to know a bit more. Went on 5 trips to East Malaysia, and believe it or not, I haven't been to East Malaysia until this year! Still got lots more places in East Malaysia to visit, but as Malaysian, especially Malaysian in Peninsular Malaysia, if you haven't taken the step to do so, please do so!

Mari Kita Membaca (Thanks to Sabrina Chan for sharing this)
(Note from Sabrina:- The project I'm in is called Mari Kita Membaca (see We started just a few months ago and in a nutshell, we fundraise to send books to orang asli villages which already have community learning centers. We screen and select villages that we think will benefit the most out of getting the books and after consultation with local teachers, we help them buy the books that would assist them in their curriculum. It's not a very big operation, but we do what we can. We have a pretty quick turnover of our cash, and 100% of it goes towards buying the books and any delivery expenses. )

I Heart Borneo (Thanks to Jin Rui for sharing this)
(Tweet with #iheartborneo)
(Note from Jin Rui:- To put it in a cheesy way, it's this nonprofit, community-run initiative that is aiming to encourage people to share what they love about Borneo (emphasis on Malaysian Borneo). You can upload photos or videos of your experience in Borneo, as well as tweet your experiences on Tweeter (with the #iheartborneo hastag). Also to connect people from East and West Malaysia cause we're all kind-of disconnected from each other. Eg, i admit that even i don't know much about the cultures and ethnic backgrounds of people of Sabah and Swak. It's more focused on social networking media (like FB, Twitter, blogs etc), they will be organizing monthly events that will take place in East Malaysia up until April. )

Merdeka Scholarships (Thanks to UKEC for sharing this)

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