Thursday, December 09, 2010

Otak-Otak : An Internship Program for Leaders

Thanks to Joyce Tagal and Anand Pillai, 2 of my very good friends who are leading this initiative.


Otak-Otak : An Internship Program for Leaders

What is it :  Otak-Otak is a highly selective leadership program for interns to be held during the June - July 2011 period. We are looking to accept 50 top students and place them in leading organisations across 4 sectors in Malaysia  - the corporate sector, small businesses, goverment, and the non profit realm. All interns will have access to events most evenings after work (networking, site visits, training from corporates), and also share common accomodation - with regular sharing and development sessions planned. 

Why its important :  This is a unique oppurtunity for students to participate in a highly selective program of its kind and share experiences with other students who are going through the same program. It will be the first year (of many to come) for a very innovative program that will allow young Malaysians to work at top companies across KL and at the same time be part of a larger group. 

How to Apply : Application details and more program information can be found at


Vince said...

hi!I would like to know is this interns open for all undergrads students who are now on their tertiary level regardless of their major? i am from a life sciences background, so definitely i am looking for fields that are related to my study.I don't come across any fields stated on the website concerned, so really hope to get some clarity here.
Vince Liew

Chen Chow said...

Vince, yes, it is open for all across majors.

On internship, would say that the opportunities would depend on the corporate that gets involved to offer internship.

Would say that for internship, do go beyond your field of study. Most people these days would work in other fields, so don't constraint yourself with your field of studies.