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Young Corporate Malaysian's 24th CEO Series of Talk by Arlida Ariff

Live blogging of Young Corporate Malaysians 24th CEO Series of Talk, Arlida Ariff, President and CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad.

Arlida graduated from an American university. Back then, most people chose UK, but she chose the non-traditional route to go to US (despite her parents disapproval). She went to a Liberal Arts College in Portland, and then went to Syracuse and study. She got her engineering degree when she was 21, and she related that back then, in Syracuse, 9 out of 10 top students were female.

She went to UC Berkeley to do her master (instead of Stanford), as she could get the Master in 1 year. She graduated with her master in 22 years old. However, back then, it was financial crisis time. 

She then went to Universiti Malaya to become teaching assistant. However, she got stuck at Student Affairs Office. So, she went to organize social events in the university, like organizing annual dinner, events etc. That gave her the perspective of how  studying in local university versus US university.

After that, she joined a "Chinaman" Engineering company which worked on foundation contractor. In early days, Sunway used to be tin mining area, so Arlida was one of those in the early days working on it, and making something out of nothing there. She converted less usable places, into more user friendly and potentially viable places. After some time, she realized that she won't have great future in the company, so she left and join Petronas.

During that time, Petronas was in a stage of transformation, and she mentioned that it was interesting there. She was put into project management there. In the early years, she was working on Petronas Utilization Project. When she went into it, it was during the second phase. 

In the middle 80s, Malaysian petroleum was filled with gas. So, back then, they just burnt it, before a few years later, they found a way to use it. Then, they extracted those gases from oil. 

She became gas expert in the pipeline during that time.

Then, Petronas bought into KLCC, and at that time, it was called "Sri Kuda". As she was from civil engineering, she was roped into the project. At that time, she didn't even know that it was supposed to be the world's tallest tower. 

She spent 15 years in KLCC, honed her skill to be project manager. During those time, she was Chief Property Management, Chief Security and Chief Tour Guide.

Then, she was being roped into Iskandar project. She said that the toughest job was to create a place that people want to be, and convince people to relocate to Johor Bharu. She said that she had to think of how to convince people from a place where they are comfortable, to go south and live and develop in Iskandar.

As people know, Johor Bharu had a poor reputation of poor security, and it had to be transformed to make it a livable place. So, Arlida and team had to think through it deeply, and make Iskandar not a white elephant. She was thinking of how to make the whole place viable. It has to be visionary.

She advised that before doing anything, we should have a vision and we should have a plan. Arlida quoted on "Failure to plan is planning to fail". She also advised that we shouldn't overplan as well. Very often, we do have basic plan that understand the target and the vision that we want to create.

Arlida shared with us that she really believed in Malaysia, and she believed in the future of the crowd who is attending. She said that all of us are those who are going to determine the future of Malaysia. We are all responsible. It is not about leaders, but it is about all of us.

She shared that "the grass is always greener elsewhere, until we went over there." She shared about how a lot of other countries had it much worse.

She wanted us to think of what we can do and what we want to do, and she shared that we all have the oppportunities and potential to improve on things. She said that next time, before we want to complain on something, we should think of what we can do.

She said that we often not learn from history. We should learn from history. History would tell us that civilization lies on the trade route. Singapore was very successful, because they were in the crossroads of the trade. So, if Singapore can be successful, so do Johor.

Arlida said that Iskandar is about 3 times the size of Iskandar (550,000 acres or 2,217 square kilometers. It encompasses 3 districts - Johor Bharu, Kulai Jaya and a part of Pontian. There are 5 local authorities in the district. Currently, population is 1.6 million people, and it is to increase to 3 million by 2025. In normal time, growth is just 5% or so every year. 

She shared on each flagship zone has its own economic cluster. The 5 zones are Johor Bharu City Center (Cultural and Urban Tourism), Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat (Chemical), Tanjung Pelepas (Logistic), Nusajaya (Education & Medical tourism, Entertainment & Recreation, State Administration and Finance), Senai/Skudai (Logistic/R&D). 

Most of the developments are going to happen in Nusajaya. The target is to grow Iskandar into several times of sizes in all aspects (GDP, Per capita income etc). She highlighted on five main pillars to be reinforced, and then grow higher income as the main pillars.

As of February 2010, USD16.92 billion (RM59.04 billion) has been committed, predominantly from the private sector. As of now, Iskandar Malaysia has attracted over 700 site visits from potential investors, domestic and internationally.

Catalyst and new key investors includes Iskandar Investment (IIB), Mubadala, Kuwait Finance House, Milennium, UEM/Limitless, Genting Property, Central Malaysian Properties, JCorp, Malaysian Mining Corporation, Malaysia Pacific Corporation etc.

She shared that we should learn Mandarin, as with 1 billion population, and there would be a lot of domestic consumption. On India, she said that they understand English, so it is not as important. Having said that, American consumption per capita would be a lot higher. 

With small domestic population, Iskandar would have to look beyond the country to grow.

Arlida was sharing on opening a new hotel, one would need to have 12 approvals, and the whole process would take 1 to 3 years. 

With that, IRDA would be set up to take care of the processes. Iskandar Investment Berhad would have to create projects that would catalyze the region and also bring in Return on Investment.

IIB has the shareholder of 60% of Khazanah Nasional Berhad, 20% EPF and 20% Kumpulan Prasarana Rakyat Johor. Iskandar Investment Berhad has a land bank of 10,000 acres. 

Medini is an international zone, and for those who are in certain sector, they would be able to get certain incentives. Now, focusing on the northern sector of Medini. Legoland (76 acres) is built to cater for the young (2-12 years old) and also their parents. The reason to focus on this area is that entertainment for youth has been well catered in the region, so it is better to focus on the entertainment area for the young.

Now, with us working with Singapore, so we are doing things that are complementing with Singapore. In Medini, there would be Lifestyle Retail Mall (21.1 acres, built-up area - 1,000,000 square feet). Back then, when go to shopping mall, it was go shopping, but now, it has become entertainment place.

IIB tried to build Medini North, to be a place where people would enjoy to be. For Legoland, there would be 6 Million Lego bricks, and now, they have hired 12 people to be Legoland Model Builder. One of those 12 people is a lecturer.

For incentives, Medini would have specific incentives, similar with Multimedia Super Corridor, example corporate tax exemption for 10 years.

EduCity @ Iskandar is being built - Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia, Management Development Institute of Singapore (agreement just signed yesterday) and Netherland's Maritime Institute of Technology. Hopefully all those would be opened by September 2012. Arlida aimed to have 2 more univeristies announced by end of this year.

Arlida also spent 5 years in Putrajaya during the planning phase and phase 1 building of it, including Prime Minister building. She highlighted on the 4km boulevard and 13 parks. She highlighted that it is important to create events and usages for the infrastructure to be used properly. She said that it is easier to build, but tougher to make it usable.

Arlida said that she has learned that things built to be practical. For the stadium, it would be with capacity of 12,000 people. 

Marlborough College Iskandar Malaysia is built, with target completion date in June 2012. It is one of the top 5 colleges in UK.

As part of the social responsibility, there would be Workers camp and Kampung Tersusun as well. Arlida also shared that in her career, she has migrated graves of all religions/races (Muslim graves, Christian graves, Chinese graves, Hindu graves and Orang Asli graves).

Arlida shared the importance of the warming of the relationship with Singapore. There is a joint ministerial committee to look at various issues in Iskandar.

Arlida shared on the work in progress for Iskandar, and it is a city to be the place for the future.

Arlida shared on what kept her awake at night, and she said that the challenge is how to change mindset. She said that one could do marvellous thing, but one need to convince the rest of stakeholders to do it together. 

On mega projects, it is not too difficult to do, after one have learned on what to do, but it is tougher to get others to do together.

She shared that we have to be in the proponent of change, and we are all together to bring the positive change together, to make Malaysia a better place. We should be together build a place that we want to stay and we want our children to grow up. 

Arlida shared that it is easier for our generation to change, since we are still new in our career, and she said that if we tell the stories from our heart, then we can convince others to change. 

Arlida said that there are more opportunities for young people now, than before. 20 years ago, opportunities were limited, and there wasn't internet. Now, mobiliti is also widely available. Arlida said that the limitation is by our mind. Opportunities today is at least 1,000 times more than before. Our limit has been expanded.

Today, the region that surrounds us is the world. The real problem is recognizing the opportunities. If we are not aware of the opportunities, then we would be limited. Today, we are at the finger tips of the world. We should read more.

A lot of time, we don't learn from history. A lot of lessons can be learned from there. Be there, watch, look and listen and eventually, we would see it. We need to build the experience and knowledge, and observe around. 

Don't look at salary, but keep on learning all the time. 

Arlida used to play piano at lobby of Shangri-la Hotel back then, and she said that the learnings she had through observing what others do back then, it is crucial for her to plan for the hotel development. 

Arlida shared that for a good CEO, one has to have a vision. It is important to be emphatic to the people. One has to have experience and knowledge. It is very easy for one to just scold, but one should know how to do. Arlida has seen young CEOs, who went in through a stroke of luck, but don't have the desire to run it.

Arlida shared that one has to respect the people who work for her. One has to earn the respect. One can earn the respect by caring the people and understand the people. Even though being a hard master, one respects the team.

Arlida shared on many different bosses and CEOs that she has worked with. She said that what makes her difference is she tried to learn from what she see. She said that the intention has to be right. Everybody can teach one something. What is important is that one is willing to learn from subordinate and listen from them. One of the best lessons that Arlida learned is from her technicians.

Pressure can be a good thing, and one needs to learn how to manage the pressure. For this kind of mega project, one has to go through some pressure. Arlida focused on managing the pressure, and not making it bigger than it should be. It is important to have good work life balance. 

There are times it could be tough, as one juggles roles. Arlida shared that everyone can come and go, and everyone is replacible, but one is not replacible in family.

Above is the live blogging for the Young Corporate Malaysian's 24th CEO Series of Talk by Arlida Ariff.


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Upcoming CEO Series 24, 25 and 26 & partnering Open Web Asia

4 events that Young Corporate Malaysians would be associated with, including 3 of our Young Corporate Malaysians CEO Series.

1. YCM CEO Series 24: Puan Arlida Ariff , CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad (Wednesday 30th of June 2010)
2. YCM CEO Series 25: Dato' Yusli Yusoff, CEO of Bursa Malaysia (Tuesday 6th of July 2010)
3. YCM CEO Series 26: En Badlisyah Abdul Ghani, CEO of CIMB Islamic (Wednesday 14th of July 2010)
4. YCM partners Open Web Asia (OWA) 2010

1. YCM CEO Series 24: Puan Arlida Ariff, CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad (Part of Great Woman @ Work series)

Location:Nikko Hotel
Time:7:30PM Wednesday, June 30th

For YCM's CEO Series 24, we have the privilege of hosting Puan Arlida Ariff, CEO of Iskandar Investment Berhad in conjunction with our Great Women @ Work series - so everyone is encourage to bring your female colleagues to this event!

See you all there!

2. YCM CEO Series 25: Dato' Yusli Yusoff, CEO of Bursa Malaysia

Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 7:30pm
Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For YCM's CEO Series 25, we have the privilege of hosting Dato' Yusli Yusoff, CEO of Bursa Malaysia whom we are very honoured to have! Please do show your support by attending the event so that we are able to let him know that there are a lot of us young corporates out there who are very keen to see Bursa Malaysia realign their programs to suit our needs!

See you all there!

3. YCM CEO Series 26: En. Badlishah Abdul Ghani, CEO of CIMB Islamic

Location:Nikko Hotel
Time:7:30PM Wednesday, July 14th

The last of our 3 consecutive CEO Series - the 26th Series which will lead up to this year's Young Corporate Malaysians Summit 2010 coming this 11th December 2010. Be there or be square :)

4. YCM  partners Open Web Asia (OWA) 2010 


Date:             13th & 14th July, 2010

Venue:          Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur

Cost:             2 Days Pass: RM 200 (Before event day). At door: RM 300


What is Open Web Asia - SEA?

OpenWebAsia- SEA is a regional technology and web technology business conference that brings together top minds in the web technology space. In 2008, Open Web Asia was hosted in Seoul, South Korea at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill.


For the very first time, in 2010, Malaysia is privileged to be selected as the host of this inaugural premier summit . This year it will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Hotel, on the 13th and 14th of July 2010.


The theme for Open Web Aisa – SEA 2010 is "Web Innovation In Asia". Never before has Malaysia hosted a congregation of the worlds leading technology giants from all across the globe, with unprecedented speakers from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Facebook, Tech Crunch, Digg.com and BANSEA just to name a few.


In Seoul, Korea Open Web Asia attracted 500 global leaders and delegates from across the globe to discuss on a Pan-Asian perspective on web businesses and groundbreaking technology waves that will shape the future of the world.


Who is it for?

Open Web Asia is a platform that enables Technology SME's & MNCs, Business Owners , Entrepreneurs, CEO's, CIO's, CTO's , Telcos & Communication Companies, Web Developers, Programmers & Designers, Advertising, & Media Agencies, Bloggers, Educators, Investors, and Venture Capitalists to exchange insights, share ideas and capitalize on business opportunities with regional as well as global players.


What are the topics?

The 2-day conference will cover the hottest and most interesting topics about opportunities on Enterprise Web, Mobile Applications, iphone & Andriod Development Platforms, Could Computing & Location Based Services, Venture Capital & Funding, Government 2.0, Social Media & Social Gaming, Architecture & Standards, Real-Time & Augmented Reality Technology.



To enjoy 10% discount on tickets, follow steps below, using this PROMO CODE58293

1. Register for event.

2. If you have registered but have not bought the ticket, please click PURCHASE TICKET in the event page.

3. Once on the payment screen that displays "STEP 1 OUT OF 3", you will see a purple coloured link called "I have a promocode".

4. Click on that and a showbox should pop up. Enter the promo code click submit. The new ticket price will be updated accordingly.

5. Proceed with payment.

*Always remember to turn off your pop up blocker to avoid any technical errors during your payment*

You may find more information at our website: http://youngcorporatemalaysians.com/2010/06/ycm-partners-open-web-asia-owa-2010/

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Invitation to "Algorithms Meet Art, Puzzles, and Magic" Seminar by Erik Demaine on 12 July 2010, 3pm @ NUS LT22

Thanks to loyal anonymous contributor for my blog. Do check out this session if you are interested.

For those mathematically minded, and are in Singapore (or willing to head there) on July 12th.  :)  A wikipedia excerpt about Erik:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Demaine

Erik entered Dalhousie University in Canada at the age of 12, and completed his bachelor's degree when only 14 ... He joined the MIT faculty in 2001, at age 20, reportedly the youngest professor in the history of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre and the NUS Department of Mathematics would like to invite you to a seminar on....



Algorithms Meet Art, Puzzles, and Magic

By Erik Demaine



When I was six years old, my father Martin Demaine and I designed and made puzzles as the Erik and Dad Puzzle Company, which distributed to toy stores across Canada.  So began our journey into the interactions between algorithms and the arts (here, puzzle design).  More and more, we find that our mathematical research and artistic projects converge, with the artistic side inspiring the mathematical side and vice versa.  Mathematics itself is an art form, and through other media such as sculpture, puzzles, and magic, the beauty of mathematics can be brought to a wider audience. These artistic endeavors also provide us with deeper insights into the underlying mathematics, by providing physical realizations of objects under consideration, by pointing to interesting special cases and directions to explore, and by suggesting new problems to solve (such as the metapuzzle of how to solve a puzzle).  This talk will give several examples in each category, from how our first font design led to a universality result in hinged dissections, to how studying curved creases in origami led to sculptures at MoMA.  The audience will be expected to participate in some live magic demonstrations.



Erik Demaine is Associate Professor in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Demaine's research interests range throughout algorithms, from data structures for improving web searches to the geometry of understanding how proteins fold to the computational difficulty of playing games. He received a MacArthur Fellowship (2003) as a computational geometer tackling and solving difficult problems related to folding and bending, moving readily between the theoretical and the playful, with a keen eye to revealing the former in the latter. He co-authored with Joseph O'Rourke a book about the theory of folding, Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra (Cambridge University Press, 2007). His interests span the connections between mathematics and art, particularly sculpture and performance, including curved origami sculptures in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.



Date:  Monday, 12 July 2010

Time:  3:00pm – 4:00pm

VenueNUS Lecture Theatre 22

                Science Drive 2

RSVP by 28 June 2010, to events@smart.mit.edu



Warm regards,


Joyce Tan (Mrs.)
M.I.T. Club of Singapore
Office: (65) 6312 9671  Fax: (65) 6343 8463
Mobile: (65) 9380 3004
Email: joycesuelee@alum.mit.edu



How To Market Your Business Effectively With Your Website

Thanks Krista for sharing on this. Krista has been very helpful in promoting a lot of talks, particularly US Applications Workshop, and also previously Scholarships talk.

How To Market Your Business Effectively With Your Website 

Date: 24 June 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Meeting Room, Eureka Complex, USM, 11800 Penang 

Nic will be giving you case studies of people who use creative methods in marketing their business. 
We welcome you to come with your marketing questions!
But again, sign up quick at http://redboxstudio.com/talk/
as seats are limited. 

To your business success, 
Krista Goon
Redbox Studio

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Charity Car Wash Event

Thanks to Sonia Yeow for sharing on this charity event. Do check it out!


Malaysian Youth Service is looking for volunteers to help out in a charity car wash event.

Date : 20th June 2010
Venue : Sepang International Circuit

Could you please share the link on your blog. 

Thank you so much!


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Teach for Malaysia

Thanks to Keeran, Dzameer and Oi Yen for organizing the following session for Teach for Malaysia in New York City.

Those of you who are there and care about Malaysia's education and want to pitch in your idea, do join this session. - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=132785100081149&ref=mf

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US Applications Workshop in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Penang

With one more week before the US Applications workshop in Kota Kinabalu (19th June) and Kuching (19th June), and two weeks before the workshop in Penang (26th June), would like to encourage more people to sign up for those workshops.

This is part of outreach to grow the number of Malaysians from other parts of the country applying to top universities in US.

All these 3 workshops are free of charge and all the facilitators are volunteers!

The "TRuly" RAkyat WOrkshop, July 10 jointly hosted by MyConsti with Leaderonomics

Thanks to Adriene Leong for sharing on this.

Some of you are involved in this project, some not.  The MyConsti workshops have been running regularly and successfully at various partner educational institutions / organisations.  We just completed a workshop for Inti Law students, and on 11 June, we are having another for YWCA.  Info and pictures are all over perlembagaanku.com and our MyConsti FB page.  The feedback has been tremendous, and we cannot cope with the demand.  What however we are taking on on July 10th will be even more interesting and even more challenging. 
We are calling for participants esp the youth to join a specially formulated workshop which merges personality/leadership quialities (led by Leaderonomics at http://www.leaderonomics.com/) and the MyConsti workshop on writing/appreciating the Constitution. As the participants are from the public who are not "targetted" so to speak, the workshop will be filled with people whom we do not know / have not contacted / and cannot anticipate what it would be like. Now that's a making of a great workshop - all hot and dusty!
This new workshop jointly formulated for the FIRST TIME has a limited space of only 50, and the details are here but will be updated soon too:  http://www.perlembagaanku.com/2010/06/the-rakyat-workshop/
edmund bon tai soon

Survey on Malaysians who studied abroad

Evelyn Wong from Scripps College is conducting a research on the trend of educated young Malaysians choosing to come home after studying abroad and/or serving the country in whatever capacity. She is conducting this survey to gauge young Malaysians' personal attitudes towards migration, and their reasons for and against it.

Do have your voice heard!

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MINDA MUDA Quantitative Survey on National Unity of Young Malaysians

Thanks to Kek Mei Tzy for sharing this MINDA MUDA Quantitative Survey on National Unity of Young Malaysians by The Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) and National Young Lawyers' Committee (NYLC) @ 18th April 2008.

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Conference: Inclusive Malaysian Chinese Society

Thanks to Kek Mei Tzy for sharing this.

Venue: The Federal Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Date: 17th July 2010

Language: Chinese and English (Simultaneous Screen Projection)

华社研究中心 华总马来西亚思想兴革协调委员会联合主办
Jointly Organised by Centre for Malaysian Chinese Studies and Huazong's Committee on Innovation & Reform in the Malaysian Chinese Community





Over the years “Mandarin”has been the main language for communication and for documentation of the various Chinese-educated groups in Malaysia. This was inculcated, popularized and perpetuated widely in its usage by the National Type Chinese Primary Schools and the Independent Chinese Secondary Schools.

Mandarin is today the medium of communication among the Chinese-educated in the fields of trade,eduacation,welfare and politics in Peninsular Malaysia as well as in Sabah and Sarawak. The Chinese-educated constitute the dominant and dynamic “Mainstream” in the community and are deeply rooted in tranditional Chinese values,traditions and beliefs.

Alongside this pre-eminent group are other segments of the community comprising the Chinese Christian and Chinese Muslim communities,the English-educated Chinese,the Peranakan community and the unique Sabah and Sarawak Chinese communities;all have made significant contributions to national development.


In the spirit of 1 Malaysia this Conference intends to examine the historical, cultural, educational, social and religious diversities of the “non-Mainstream” Chinese communities in the context of Malaysian Chinese Society. Through better understanding of their prevalent, diverse values and uniqueness, the conference will promote cohesiveness and interaction within the Chinese community. A harmonious and cohesive community is the first step in the direction of achieving greater national harmony and unity.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

KLSCCCI University / College Scholarship Fund

Thanks to my loyal anonymous blog contributor.


The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor (KLSCCCI) University / College Scholarship Fund is opened for applications from eligible applicants to pursue their studies locally or overseas.

KLSCCCI University / College Scholarship Fund includes Scholarship and Education Loan. The applicant must be a Malaysian irrespective of races and has been accepted by or at the time of making such application pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate course in university, college, technical and vocational training centre or institute of higher learning in Malaysia or abroad.

Applicant should excel in his or her academic performance, active in co-curriculum activities, having good conduct and comes from needy family. Applicants who have obtained any scholarship or loan from PTPTN or other organizations are not eligible to apply for the above Scholarship Fund. Applicants who have been given the KLSCCCI's Scholarship or Education Loan and intended to receive other scholarship or loan must refund the same to KLSCCCI.

Application form could be obtained from the Secretariat of KLSCCCI from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday or 9am to 1pm on Saturday. Applicants could also send a self-addressed envelope affixed with a RM0.50 stamp to the Secretariat for the application form. Please indicate "KLSCCCI's University / College Scholarship Fund" at the top left corner of the envelope.

Completed application form together with other relevant documents should be sent to KLSCCCI, 7th Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber, 258, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur latest by 15th June 2010. Late applications will not be considered.

Only those applicants who are shortlisted will be notified.

隆雪中华工商总会教 育基金由即日起至6月15日接受国内外大专学府,以及技职学院的各族学生申请。

此项公开予我国公民申请的教育基金包括大专助学金及大专贷 学金。申请者须经由国内外大专院校 / 技职学院录取,或正在大专院校 / 技职学院内就读。课外活动表现特出,品学兼优,且家境清寒者将获得优先考虑。

该 会表示凡是已获得大马国家高等教育基金(PTPTN)或其他社团或慈善机构之奖助贷学金者,不得再申请该教育基金;或已获得该会助贷学金者,后来又再获得 其他奖助贷学金,必须把有关助贷学金退回给该会,以协助更多需要资助之清寒学生。

该会吁请有意申请该会教育基金者,尽快提出申请,逾期申 请者恕不受理。申请者须填具该会所发出的申请表格。

索取申请表格方式:(i)请于周一至周五(9am � 5pm)或周六(9am � 1pm)亲自前往该会秘书处索取;或(ii)通过邮寄,信封左上角注明 "隆雪中华工商总会教育基金",并附上贴足邮费RM0.50及正确地址的回邮信封(9"×4")一个,不合格者或未附回邮信封者恕不受理。

填 妥之申请表格联同有关证件,寄至隆雪中华工商总会 (The Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, KLSCCCI), 7th Floor, Wisma Chinese Chamber, 258, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Invitation - Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series (15 June 2010)

Do attend this talk, if you are interested in it.


Greetings from Sunway University College! 

We are pleased to announce that Professor Das Narayandas from Harvard Business School, will speak on "Business to Business Marketing: Issues and Challenges" in the Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series on Tuesday, 15 June 2010 at 5.30pm in Auditorium 7, Sunway University College. 

You are cordially invited to attend. Please feel free to extend our invitation to your friends who may be interested to attend.


Kindly refer to the attached flyer for more details.  



Thank you. 


"Fortuna Eruditis Favet"


With Best Wishes,


Dr Goh Cheng Teik

Coordinator, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series

Sunway University College

No.5, Jalan Universiti

Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan


Maxis Management Associate Program (M-MAP) Recruitment

Thanks to Dennis Loh for sharing on this.


Maxis Management Associate Programme (M-MAP)

Planning to return to Malaysia after you graduate?

As the premier mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia, we are on the lookout for exceptionally talented Malaysian graduates to join our Management Associate programme. Our aim is to attract and develop young outstanding Malaysian graduates with high potential to rise and succeed in senior leadership roles.

We hire from a diverse range of academic backgrounds. The main requirements for the M-MAP programme are:

  • Excellent academic achievements from a world-class university
  • Extensive extra-curricular involvement
  • High level of proficiency in English

Applications are currently open for our September 2010 intake. Apply at http://www.maxis.com.my/careers/mmap.asp to seize this exciting opportunity for accelerated career development! The deadline for applications is August 15, 2010.

Should you have further enquiries, kindly email us at mmap@maxis.com.my.

Thank you.