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One World Youth Jury 2010

Thanks to Adriene Leong for the post below.


Be Part of the One World Youth Jury 2010

Aged 16-21? Interested in the media and young people's issues around the world? Enter our competition to be part of the One World Youth Jury - and win a trip to London to visit TV channels, newspapers, and meet leading journalists and filmmakers.

  • Competition closes on 8th March - more details below

The One World Media Awards is a leading awards event in the UK. It's open to films, radio programmes, newspaper articles and websites, and it's there to recognise the best media coverage of the developing world. The prestigious Awards are presented in a televised ceremony each year.

The One World Media Awards are made up of a range of categories, and each has its own jury panel.

Right now we're looking for four young people to judge one of the awards - the Children's Rights Award, sponsored by Unicef. It's for media that acknowledges the voices of young people in the developing world. In 2009, the winner was Saving Africa's Witch Children, a documentary on Channel 4 about children branded as 'witches' in parts of Nigeria.

Could you be one of our young judges? We're running a competition to find them. 

What you could win

If you're one of the four selected young jurors for 2010, we'll let you know in late March. Then, here's what will happen:

  • you will be sent about 10 entries for the Children's Rights Award in early April. These will be a mixture of TV and radio programmes, plus written articles, and you'll have 3-4 weeks to watch/read/listen to them
  • we will invite you to London from 25-27 April, with all expenses paid for, to take part in a series of activities organised for you. You'll visit live TV news programmes as they go out, visit newspaper offices, and meet leading journalists and filmmakers to hear their experiences of covering overseas stories
  • on 27th April you will take part in a jury meeting to select the winner of the Children's Rights Award
  • you will then come to the One World Media Awards ceremony, on 22nd June in London, and present the Children's Rights Award.

Education Conference 2010

Thanks Adriene Leong for the link below for Education Conference 2010


Date: 2 March 2010
Venue: Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

8.45am : Registration
8.55am : Arrival of guest of honour
9.00am : Opening Reception & Ceremony
9.20am : Keynote Address
10.05am : Symbolic Launch
10.15am : Tea break
10.30am : Panel 1: Dissecting the UN Special Rapporteur's Report on Malaysian education
12.30pm : Lunch
1.45pm : Multimedia Presentation
2.00pm : Panel 2: Are Schools Nurturing A New Malaysia?
3.45pm : Tea break
4.00pm : Panel 3: Open Forum Discussion with Malaysian Students
5.45pm : Closing Remarks
6.00pm : Cocktail Reception
7.00pm : Movie Screening – "Gadoh"
8.30pm : End

Panel 1: Dissecting the UN Special Rapporteur's Report on Malaysia

[Note: For information on the report, please click here]

The conference proper begins with the review and dissecting of the UN Special Rapporteur Report, Vernor Muñoz, on his mission to Malaysia. During the session, the panellists will provide his/her views on the various fundamental issues raised by the report.

This panel is aimed to interpret and putting the report into context, assessing their validity, and provide an alternative view if necessary. Hence, the panellists will consist of individuals from various backgrounds and field of work.

Proposed speakers:
1. Education Ministry – Dr Faridah
2. Suhakam –Tan Sri Asiah
3. Academician – Azmi Sharom

Panel 2: Are Schools Nurturing a Better Malaysia?

The conference will transit from assessing the Special Rapporteur's report to reviewing the ground reality of Malaysian education system and its school.

More specifically, the panel will seek to determine if the present system is adequate in moving its people closer towards a better nation, and if it's achieving the goals of the national education philosophy.

The panellists are made up of different individuals whom have vast experience working with the grassroots, i.e. in school with students. They will provide valuable insights on the reality in schools, and also share their experiences about alternative education methods.

Proposed speakers:
To be added soon

Panel 3: What Do We Want for Our Schools and Education System

This panel provides a rare avenue for students, who are the direct stakeholders of the education system, to have their voices heard.

It will be hosted by Fahmi Fadzil of the Fairly Current Show, hence promises a lively yet stern forum for the country's youths to express their opinions on the education system.

Panellists representing a diverse range of education institutions/level will be invited to share their thoughts on the present state, and also ideas on how to improve the schools and system.

Proposed speakers:
To be added soon

"Gadoh" Movie Screening

Sunday, January 24, 2010

East-West Center Asia Pacific Leadership Programme

The East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii is organizing the Asia Pacific Leadership Programme (APLP), and is now open for applications until 31st January 2010.

Quoting from the website:-
"The Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) is the center of excellence for leadership education in Asia Pacific and a signature program of the East-West Center. The program links advanced and interdisciplinary analysis of emergent regional issues with experiential leadership learning. 

The APLP empowers future leaders with the knowledge, skills, experiences and supportive community needed to successfully navigate personal and regional change in the 21st century.

Graduates leave the East-West Center with an expanded regional perspective. They are knowledgeable about the societies and issues of the Asia Pacific region and trained to exercise leadership and promote cooperation in a variety of cultural, geographical and institutional environments.

APLP alumni are navigators of change."

Do check out at http://www.eastwestcenter.org/aplp . For those who get selected, you would get Asia Pacific Leadership Fellowship, worth USD15,000, that would support a good % of your cost, but you would still have some portion of cost that you need to pay for (although you can attempt to get some form of scholarships).

Vin Nie's Dance Marathon Fundraising

Vin Nie, a fellow Malaysian at Stanford University, Palo Alto, is taking part in Dance Marathon 2010, where she would be on the feet to dance for 24 hours on 6th February 2010, to educate global communities about international fight against AIDS and also to raise fund to build health clinics in Rwanda (to be built by Partners In Health, a non-profit organization).

It is always hearthening to see people are involving in such noble actions. If you can, do help to spread the words and/or support Vin Nie in her efforts!

"No East, No West" International Conference on Inter-cultural Dialogue

Thanks to a message from Danial Fahmi from Malaysian Youth Movement and Entrepreneurs


26th - 30th April 2010, Holiday Inn Melaka, Malacca, Malaysia

"No East, No West" International Conference on Intercultural Dialogue: "Fostering Understand...ing and Building Bridges Across Cultures Among Young People of Asia and Europe" is organised by the World Youth Foundation ("NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations") in co-operation with World Youth Peace Summit, Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, the State Government of Melaka and various other agencies.

The International Conference is tentatively scheduled to be held from 26th to 30th April 2010 at Holiday Inn Melaka, Malacca, Malaysia.

"No East No West " is a follow-up to the 2006 Dialogue " We Are One" which seeks to provide a unique opportunity for young people to discuss and understand the different religious, cultural and social priorities and beliefs in their regions thus cultivating a culture of peace and dialogue.

During this 5-day event, young people, religious leaders, politicians and business communities will come together and exchange views and experiences based on their respective religion, spiritual and cultural traditions. The International Conference will also reflect on how religions can assist in facing critical issues that concern our societies, and will try to discover and create new pathways to peace through intercultural/inter-religious cooperation.

Leadership training session will also be conducted during the Dialogue. Among the topics that will be presented are the different leadership styles, how to lead change, how young people can make a difference and what change tools and approaches work. A young successful leader will be invited to share with the participants on why characteristics like integrity are important to make an effective leader.

The objectives of this International Conference are:

Ø To create awareness of cultural differences at local, national and international level, as well as to identify existing common ground.

Ø To increase intercultural and interfaith dialogue and build bridges between those of different faith and ethnicity especially between young people of Asia and Europe.

Ø To encourage initiatives aimed at promoting understanding of the diverse cultures and faith of countries in Asia and Europe particularly among the younger generation.

Ø To recognize that religious leaders, politicians, the business community and young people have a role in promoting a peaceful world.

Ø To promote the use of mass-media and ICTs for the promotion of peace, dialogue and non-violence.

Application Criteria:

Young people from Asia and Europe between the ages of 18 - 30 (however some flexibility will be exercised as the definition of youth varies from country to country)

Youth representatives from various national youth organisations, institutions of higher learning, civil society organisations, young representative of religious/faith groups, including those working in institutions promoting cultural and interfaith dialogue, think tanks or those in accomplishments like education, arts and media from Asia and Europe.
An official of the Ministry of Youth or a related government agency

Have a good understanding of the theme and the relevant policies in their respective countries

Proficient in English and able to do presentations in English, is a must

Possess good communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to solve problems through adaptability and flexibility.

Motivated to improve the lives of others through their actions and work.

Culturally aware and sensitive to the aspirations of the youth around the world.
Capable and willing to share experiences and resources with others in the community and contribute to the "No East, No West" follow-up process.

Willing and being able to participate actively for the whole duration of the project

Geographical and gender balance will be respected

Registration Fee:
Early Registration (on or before 15th February 2010)

Local Participant - RM 150
International Participant - USD 150

Late Registration (after 15th February 2010)

Local Participant - RM 200
International Participant - USD 200

Information on the conference including the Application Form, is available on WYF's website at http://www.wyf.org.my .

Issued by World Youth Foundation

For more information please contact:

Ms Varsha Ajmera
Chief Operations Officer
World Youth Foundation
Tel. No : +606 2320911
Fax No : +606 2323911

6-week "Study of the U.S. Institute" program

To those age below 25, check out this fully-sponsored 6-week "Study of the U.S. Institute" program for Student Leaders on Global Environmental Issues and New Media. Both are separate programs.

Deadline:- 29th January 2010.

Details at http://malaysia.usembassy.gov/susi.html for both the programs.

Details for the Global Environmental Issues program, go to http://malaysia.usembassy.gov/root/pdfs/susi_studleaders_globenviron_2012.pdf .

Details for the New Media program, go to http://malaysia.usembassy.gov/root/pdfs/susi_studleaders_newmedia_2012.pdf
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Facebook Page - Educating Malaysian Youth

If you are a Malaysian and you care about the future education of Malaysian youths, I would like to invite you to join this Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/educatingmalaysianyouth

It was created on 20th January 2010 by a young and passionate Malaysian, who hopes to leverage on Malaysians on Facebook, to share useful resources that will educate Malaysian youths and students, be it articles, scholarships, competitions, events, conferences, talks, quotes, other Facebook pages, blogs, forums etc.

It is the hope that each and everyone of us can learn from the resources shared there, as well as be able to share some of our useful resources for others.

We can all make a difference in moulding the future generation of Malaysians. Lets all play our little part to make it happen.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/educatingmalaysianyouth . Do spread the words to others too!

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Encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I will be more than happy to post it to share

Feel free to quote any post within my blog, as long as you link it back here. Sharing is always a good virtue. :)

Finance Resources

Thanks to Jesse Young for sharing on this resources.

For those of you who would like to learn more about Finance, there are 95 quality resources shared at http://www.onlinecolleges.net/2010/01/20/95-finance-lectures-everyone-should-listen-to/ .

Do check it out!
Chen Chow's Other Posts
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Encourage any of my blog readers to share with me any event that you come across. As long as the event/activity/initiative is education/charity/youth oriented and is not-for-profit, I will be more than happy to post it to share

Feel free to quote any post within my blog, as long as you link it back here. Sharing is always a good virtue. :)

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邀你出席《艺字文彩》师生书画展- 23/1-24/1/2010 (blog)

Thanks to Yean Shan for sharing on this. For those of you who are interested in Chinese Calligraphy, there would be an exhibition on 23rd and 24th January 2010 from 11am to 5pm at E-Culture Cultural Center in Kepong.



甲洞艺文化工作坊诚邀您出席 《艺字文彩》师生春联书法展。这次的展出约有40幅各种形式的作品,体现了学员在过去一年的学习成果。此外,作品内容更充分流露学员个人的创作风格和迎春的心境。

日期:23/1 (星期六)- 24/1/2010 (星期日)

时间:11am - 5pm


You Are Cordially Invited To Attend A Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition.

Date: 23/1 (Sat) - 24/1/2010 (Sun)

Time: 11am - 5pm

Venue: E- Culture Cultural Center

活动流程 / Programmes:

- 现场挥毫、赠送春联 Free Spring Festival Couplets

- 古筝表演 Gu Zheng Musical Performance

- 茶艺示范 Tea Ceremony

欲知更多详情,欢迎联络艺文化工作坊:012- 2917 670 或浏览

For more information, kindly contact E- Culture Cultural Center 012- 2917670 or check out the event at http://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Culture-Cultural-Center/225753208639

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

P&G Business Challenge 2010

P&G Business Challenge 2010

You can check out and apply now at http://www.pgbusinesschallenge.com .

A great event for those undergraduates, who would like to have a great exposure in business and corporate world, especially in FMCG environment.

Live with World Memory Expert, RON WHITE

Check this event out.

Dear Sir/ Madam,


We  cordially  invite  you  to  attend  a  talk  on  Live with World Memory Expert by Ron White, the renowned World Memory Expert & Guinness Book of World Memory Record Holder.


The details are as below.


Date    :           26 January 2010 (Tuesday)

Time    :           2.00 pm - 4.00 pm

Venue  :           Centre for Extension Education

                        Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

                        No.11, Jalan 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


Admission is FREE. Enclosed herewith is the flyer for your kind reference.


Please inform us with regard to your attendance for reservation purpose.

(Details of contact is per attached flyer).


Reservation is on first-come-first-serve basis.



Best Wishes,

Secretariat, MMLM

Start-Up@Singapore - 24 Hour Biz Plan Challenge

Check this out for those of you who are interested to start a Start-Up

You can do a lot in 24 hours. But developing an entire business idea?

Here's your chance! Start-Up@Singapore brings to you Singapore's first ever 24 Hour Biz Plan Challenge. Form teams of 2 to 4 members and join us this 23rd + 24th Jan 2010. Various industry experts will be present on that day to engage you in topics about up and coming industries in Singapore and the event will culminate in an exciting pitching and presentation round. Participants will also have an opportunity to submit their business idea to The Ultimate Start-Up Space (http://www.ultimatestartupspace.com.sg)

Top 3 teams of the 24 Hour Biz Plan Challenge will walk away with $500 in prizes and DIRECT entry into the 11th Start-Up@Singapore Semi-Finals!

Venue: NUS Business School
Time: 11am 23rd January 2010 to 1pm 24th January 2010

*Participant kit is now available for download from our website

We only have a FEW more spaces left, so get your groups and sign up NOW @ http://www.startup.org.sg. Registration closes Thursday, 21st Jan 2010.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chan Leong (Carnegie Mellon University) - Sharings

Chan Leong who has just obtained admission into Carnegie Mellon University for Early Decision, has written this piece of sharing to hopefully motivate those of you who have just submitted your applications or going to do so soon. 

If you are planning to apply to US universities by end of 2010, with admission of 2011 Fall (i.e. around August/September 2011), hope that you would start working hard from now onwards. Time is ticking, and the earlier you start the better. 

To kick off your preparation, you can read through a bunch of resources at http://usapps2009.blogspot.com 

Penn admissions interviews Feb 6 & 20

If you are applicant to Penn, do kindly contact them for the interview.



Dear Penn Applicant,

The Alumni Secondary School Committee is running admissions interviews for freshmen applicants to the University of Pennsylvania. The interview is entirely optional. However, if you decide not to be interviewed, please do let us know why so we can complete your record.

The main interviews will be held at the following dates and times:

Dates: Saturday, February 6 and 20
Time: 2pm or 3.30pm
Venue: Business Centre, Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Dress code: Smart casual

Applicants in Penang can also arrange to be interviewed in Penang on January 30.

Please RSVP to rsvppenn@gmail.com with the following information:

First Name, Last Name as per Penn application:
Current school:
Cellphone no:
Available dates and times (Feb 6 is preferred in order to give your interviewers ample time to write-up their reports):

The format will be as follows:

1. You will be scheduled for a time slot at either 2pm or 3.30pm depending on available slots and your availability. Slots are limited by the number of alumni available to interview and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
2. We will begin interviewing applicants in each time slot in the order of sign-in at the business centre and we'll try to match applicants to alumni by school (College of Arts and Sciences/Wharton/Engineering/Nursing).
3. Each interview should take about 20-30 minutes so the longest you should have to wait is an hour.

SSC Malaysia
University of Pennsylvania

20th International Youth Leadership Conference

20th International Youth Leadership Conference
Prague, Czech Republic
July 11th - 16th, 2010


Civic Concepts International is inviting you to join a select group of 100 young leaders from as many as 35 different countries for an open-minded exchange of diverse perspectives on contemporary global challenges.

Develop your leadership potential, enhance your networking, interpersonal and public speaking skills, raise your intercultural awareness and benefit from global perspectives.

The IYLC is a week-long forum on world politics, international relations and justice, which will engage you in:
-   A Simulation of a UN Security Council meeting
-   An International Criminal Court mock pre-trial
-   Model European Parliament proceedings
-   Visits to foreign embassies, governmental and other institutions
-   Group debates and panel discussions on subjects of global importance
-   Networking events and dinners with diplomats, politicians and experts

Apply and secure your place early to take advantage of our 30% Early Bird discounts


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Congrats to Chan-Leong and Nik Zulhariz CMU Class of 2014

Congratulations to Teng Chan-Leong and Nik Zulhariz for getting Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Early Decision for Class of 2014!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Live & Inspire Series - Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar

Congrats to Tim Fernandez and his team for bringing out yet another successful Live & Inspire Series, and today, it featured Dato' Sri Abdul Wahid Omar - CEO of Maybank (Former CEO of Telekom Malaysia and Former CEO of UEM)

To join Live & Inspire Series' Facebook Page, it is at http://www.facebook.com/liveandinspire .

For today's talk, am going to copy the sharings that are posted in the Live & Inspire Facebook page for all to learn.

1. 9th out of 11 children. Had a tough childhood. First break through was going into boarding school - MRSM Seremban.
2. Leaders are not born. Each and everyone of us has a chance to be a leader.
3. Qualities of a good leader : A visionary, an inspiring person, knowledgeable, a person open and prepared to learn from team member.
4. No corporation can claim to be Regional Leader if home base is not stable 
5. I wanted to create changes so that they didn't live in poverty anymore.
6. I have made mistakes before but what is important is for me to learn from them. Some of them are personal in nature and some of them are from my career. I don't have any regrets. I'm so blessed in my life.
7. I'm the worst example of work/life balance. I work from 12 to 16 hours a day. I want to make sure this year I do not stay in the office past 12 midnight. (Having said that, I have stayed past midnight twice already this month.) Though I work hard, I am grateful to spend time with my wife, 2 daughter and parents. Quality of the time matters.
8. I went through a government education system. Many of my management colleagues went to local universities. There are challenges, however I don't think we should generalize that the local educational system are bad. I think we should stop complaining about how bad the school system is here, and do something about it to make it better.
9. Innovation cannot be dictated by the CEO, as the CEO I provide the platform.
10. The reason why I am where I am is because I am always hungry to do more.
11. 1/3 of my times is spent on meetings , 1/3 on the governance and the business, 1/3 on client engagement
12. Always be hungry to learn and do more work.
13. H.O.T. culture at Maybank - I encourage honesty, openness, and trust.
14. I learn a lot of my leadership skills on the job I've been blessed to work with a lot of inspiring people.

Enjoy learning!

Akademi Merdeka, Perlembagaan dan Semangat Perlembagaan

Thanks for the sharing, Wan Saiful. 

Akademi Merdeka, 5 – 7 Februari 2010

Salam sejahtera,

Anda dijemput untuk memohon menghadiri Akademi Merdeka yang akan diadakan pada 5 – 7 Februari 2010 (Jumaat – Ahad) bertemakan "Perlembagaan dan Semangat Perlembagaan: Memahami konsep kedaulatan undang-undang".

Akademi Merdeka kali ini akan dipimpin oleh Professor Abdul Aziz Bari, Felo Kanan Institute for Democracy & Economic Affairs (IDEAS) yang merupakan pakar undang-undang daripada Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, berdasarkan modul yang beliau hasilkan khas untuk Akademi ini. Para peserta juga akan berpeluang berinteraksi dengan wakil-wakil pelbagai parti politik kerajaan dan pembangkang.

Lokasi Akademi Merdeka kali ini ialah di Institut Latihan Kehakiman dan Perundangan (ILKAP), Bangi, Selangor.

Akademi Merdeka ialah satu kursus pendek yang membincangkan dengan mendalam prinsip-prinsip penting untuk negara, seperti kedaulatan undang-undang, kerajaan terhad, pasaran bebas dan kemerdekaan individu. Program dikendalikan oleh tokoh-tokoh tersohor dari dalam dan luar negara dan biasanya berlangsung daripada hari Jumaat sehingga Ahad. Semua peserta dimestikan menginap di tempat program. Para peserta juga dibekalkan dengan buku, kertas kerja serta lain-lain bahan rujukan.

Topik-topik yang akan dibincangkan secara kritikal termasuklah:

  • Demokrasi, keperlembagaan, dan perlembagaan
  • Pengasingan kuasa berdasarkan Perlembagaan Malaysia
  • Hak asasi manusia dan perlembagaan
  • Kedudukan istimewa Islam dan Melayu
  • Federalisme dalam Perlembagaan Malaysia
  • Mendepani cabaran keperlembagaan

Akademi Merdeka merupakan satu program unik yang akan mencabar minda dan membina daya intelektual golongan mahasiswa dan professional muda. Biasanya sekitar 30-40 orang peserta akan dipilih untuk menyertai akademi intensif ini.

AkademiMerdeka.org menawarkan biasiswa untuk membolehkan seramai mungkin peserta menyertai Akademi Merdeka. Semua yang berminat digalakkan memohon biasiswa yang kami tawarkan untuk membiayai sebahagian atau keseluruhan yuran penyertaan dan kos penginapan. Tetapi kos pengangkutan mungkin akan dibiayai dalam kes-kes tertentu sahaja.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila lawati www.AkademiMerdeka.org »

Terima kasih

Editor, AkademiMerdeka.org

AkademiMerdeka.org ialah satu projek pendidikan ide-ide libertarianisme dalam Bahasa
yang dijalankan oleh Atlas Global Initiative for Free Trade, Peace and Prosperity.

Atur langganan | Henti langganan
© AkademiMerdeka.org

Links for Haiti earthquake relief donation

Thanks a lot to Victor Lem for sharing the links for those of you who would like to donate for Haiti earthquake relief donation!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Youth Essay Contest: "We Can Change..."

Thanks to YB Sim Tze Tzin for sharing on this.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of CEDAW

We Can Change...

Youth Essay Contest

Citizenship Campaign Tripoli

CEDAW promises women of the world their human rights and fundamental freedoms. Yet in many countries this remains an elusive dream. How and what can we change to "ensure the equal rights of men and women to enjoy all economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights" as envisioned by the Convention?

We invite young people around the world, especially in developing countries, to share their ideas. What is the most important issue affecting women's lives in your country, and what solutions do you propose? Submityour short, original essay for the chance to win valuable prizes and to get published on the WLP website!

To enter, email your completed essay to wlp@learningpartnership.org with the author's name, age, country, and email address. Please write "Essay Contest" in the subject line.

Deadline for Entries: January 31, 2010

  • First Prize: Netbook (worth $500)
  • Second Prize: iPhone or iPod (worth $250)
  • Third Prize: Flip Video Camera (worth $150)

Additional outstanding essays will be published online on WLP's blog Our Vision and Our Voices.

Competition Guidelines

  • Open to young people between 18-25 years of age. Winners will be asked for proof of identity, including age.
  • Essays must be original, unpublished work.
  • Essays should be between 500-1000 words, written in English.
  • By entering this competition, participants grant WLP permission to publish their essays and use them for promotional or other purposes.
  • Essays may be edited for publication and other purposes.
  • Tax obligations, if any, are the sole responsibility of the winner.

From: http://www.learningpartnership.org/programs/ywlp/cedaw-contest

Facebook Page for Scholarships

Thanks to my loyal anonymous blog contributor for sharing this.

This is a great resource for scholarships information. 

Malaysia Forum Sunway

Thanks to Mei San for initiating the inaugural Malaysia Forum Sunway.

Date: 24 Jan 2010 (Sunday)
Venue: Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid (Ground floor, old wing entrance)
Time: 2.00 - 4.00 pm

Teach for Malaysia

For those who care about Malaysia's Education, this is an initiative that Keeran and Dzameer started - Teach for Malaysia.

For those of you who would like to know more, do join their Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Teach-For-Malaysia/168630896369 .

There will be first meeting, which would be attended by Teach for All. Tentatively set on 31st January 2pm. Do check on this Facebook Event to get the latest info. Check it out http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=262857132968 .

Do spread the words to those who care about Malaysia's education.

INSEAD MBA Info Session - 25th February 2010

MBA Aspirants, do check out this INSEAD MBA Information Session on 25th February 2010 6:30pm in Kuala Lumpur.

PwC IT Consultant

Salika from PwC shared with me this opportunity. This would be pertinent for those with IT degree and are interested in consulting job with PwC. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

Thanks to Andrew Loh for sharing on this.


Application deadline: February 14, 2010

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy created DMI Scholars to identify progressive college activists from underrepresented communities and train them in the skills necessary to obtain and succeed in entry-level public policy positions. With DMI's network and expertise, DMI Scholars will become the future Legislative Directors, Policy Analysts and Advisors who fuel the progressive movement with new ideas and effective advocacy.

We strongly encourage students of color, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, and students from low-income and working class backgrounds to apply.


Thursday, January 07, 2010

NUS MBA roadshow in Kuala Lumpur - 16th Jan 2010

MBA aspirants, do check out NUS MBA and EMBA roadshow in Kuala Lumpur on 16th January 2010.

Check it out here .

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Michael Teoh - Contender for World Economic Forum 2010, Davos

I posted this up on 13th December, to get Malaysians to submit video, to have a shot at representing Malaysian Youth at World Economic Forum 2010 at Davos. The post was here .

Michael Teoh has submitted his video, sharing very passionate about his vision and view points from the youth.

Do check it out below!

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A Free Disney Day - Only for those who are currently in the US

Thanks for the information shared by one of my loyal blog contributors.


This is for the US students who do volunteer work within the US. 

Disney is currently giving a free Disney Day ( a 1-day pass to either Disneyland California, or Disneyworld Florida) which will be valid till Dec 15, 2010 to people who volunteer for 1 day.  The cost of a 1-day ticket is about US$70+. 


Program Overview
We want to inspire one million people to volunteer a day of service to a participating organization in their communities. So we're celebrating these volunteers' good works by giving each of them a 1-day, 1-theme park ticket to the Disneyland® Resort or Walt Disney World® Resort, free. There's no better time to make a dream come true for others and let us make a few come true for you.