Sunday, January 17, 2010

Penn admissions interviews Feb 6 & 20

If you are applicant to Penn, do kindly contact them for the interview.



Dear Penn Applicant,

The Alumni Secondary School Committee is running admissions interviews for freshmen applicants to the University of Pennsylvania. The interview is entirely optional. However, if you decide not to be interviewed, please do let us know why so we can complete your record.

The main interviews will be held at the following dates and times:

Dates: Saturday, February 6 and 20
Time: 2pm or 3.30pm
Venue: Business Centre, Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Dress code: Smart casual

Applicants in Penang can also arrange to be interviewed in Penang on January 30.

Please RSVP to with the following information:

First Name, Last Name as per Penn application:
Current school:
Cellphone no:
Available dates and times (Feb 6 is preferred in order to give your interviewers ample time to write-up their reports):

The format will be as follows:

1. You will be scheduled for a time slot at either 2pm or 3.30pm depending on available slots and your availability. Slots are limited by the number of alumni available to interview and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
2. We will begin interviewing applicants in each time slot in the order of sign-in at the business centre and we'll try to match applicants to alumni by school (College of Arts and Sciences/Wharton/Engineering/Nursing).
3. Each interview should take about 20-30 minutes so the longest you should have to wait is an hour.

SSC Malaysia
University of Pennsylvania


alexis said...

if we dont go for the interview, will it lower our chances to get into upenn? because i am not good at speaking.

if i am a malaysian who studys at oversea, can i take the interview?

Donald Lim said...

The interviews are optional, but consider the fact that each year, there are many others who do opt for one to support their application. The interviews are a good opportunity for the University to find out more about you as a person, but also for you to learn more about the University and whether or not it fits what you're looking for.

Being able to communicate well is very important and many of your fellow international student applicants won't have an issue with this.

If you are currently overseas, please check with the Penn Admissions Office if interviews are offered in the city you're in and if so, you may wish to request that your interview be conducted there.

SSC Malaysia
University of Pennsylvania

alexis said...

thankyou donald