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Education Conference 2010

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Date: 2 March 2010
Venue: Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

8.45am : Registration
8.55am : Arrival of guest of honour
9.00am : Opening Reception & Ceremony
9.20am : Keynote Address
10.05am : Symbolic Launch
10.15am : Tea break
10.30am : Panel 1: Dissecting the UN Special Rapporteur's Report on Malaysian education
12.30pm : Lunch
1.45pm : Multimedia Presentation
2.00pm : Panel 2: Are Schools Nurturing A New Malaysia?
3.45pm : Tea break
4.00pm : Panel 3: Open Forum Discussion with Malaysian Students
5.45pm : Closing Remarks
6.00pm : Cocktail Reception
7.00pm : Movie Screening – "Gadoh"
8.30pm : End

Panel 1: Dissecting the UN Special Rapporteur's Report on Malaysia

[Note: For information on the report, please click here]

The conference proper begins with the review and dissecting of the UN Special Rapporteur Report, Vernor Muñoz, on his mission to Malaysia. During the session, the panellists will provide his/her views on the various fundamental issues raised by the report.

This panel is aimed to interpret and putting the report into context, assessing their validity, and provide an alternative view if necessary. Hence, the panellists will consist of individuals from various backgrounds and field of work.

Proposed speakers:
1. Education Ministry – Dr Faridah
2. Suhakam –Tan Sri Asiah
3. Academician – Azmi Sharom

Panel 2: Are Schools Nurturing a Better Malaysia?

The conference will transit from assessing the Special Rapporteur's report to reviewing the ground reality of Malaysian education system and its school.

More specifically, the panel will seek to determine if the present system is adequate in moving its people closer towards a better nation, and if it's achieving the goals of the national education philosophy.

The panellists are made up of different individuals whom have vast experience working with the grassroots, i.e. in school with students. They will provide valuable insights on the reality in schools, and also share their experiences about alternative education methods.

Proposed speakers:
To be added soon

Panel 3: What Do We Want for Our Schools and Education System

This panel provides a rare avenue for students, who are the direct stakeholders of the education system, to have their voices heard.

It will be hosted by Fahmi Fadzil of the Fairly Current Show, hence promises a lively yet stern forum for the country's youths to express their opinions on the education system.

Panellists representing a diverse range of education institutions/level will be invited to share their thoughts on the present state, and also ideas on how to improve the schools and system.

Proposed speakers:
To be added soon

"Gadoh" Movie Screening

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