Friday, December 28, 2007

PMR 2007 Results are out

PMR 2007 Results are out, and a total of 469,401 students took PMR in 2007. The total number of straight As have improved significantly to 5.9% from 4.5% last year. This essentially means about 27,668 students get straight As in PMR. This is really a very large number of students.

Total As for subjects that I get to know from The Star include Bahasa Malaysia which has 26.7% of students getting A (compared to 22.5% last year) and 14.8% of students getting A in English (compared to 15.5% last year). This is the 3rd year of decline for English and this is a cause of concern.

In terms of students answering their Mathematics and Sciences in English or a mixture of English and Bahasa Malaysia, the % for science went up very marginally from 55.1% to 55.5%. This is definitely a cause of concern. For Mathematics, the statistics are not disclosed and I won't be surprised if it is a drop, as often MOE would disclose this statistic.

SK Assunta showed a high % of students scoring straight As, at a high of 25.1%.

As of now, I haven't managed to find results for my alma mater.


penny_aries said...

Jit Sin did well as usual. Over 200 ppl got straight 8As and 100% pass. Proud of my school. :)

Anonymous said...

Catholic High had over 200 people who got straights A's too! ^_^ Jit Sin is not alone hehe, got competitor