Sunday, December 02, 2007

9th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth

Wow! It's CSP9 already. This program is called the 9th China Synergy Programme for Outstanding Youth. It is a 17-day trip to visit various parts of China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Xian, Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.) For this next trip, it is going to be held on 1st to 17th July, which is just a mere 3 weeks away from the official opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Games.

For more info, go to China Synergy Programme's Website .

It is definitely a fantastic experience. I definitely have very vivid memories of the trip. You would get to experience many things that you would not imagine yourself having the opportunities to go through during normal visit.

Some of the main aspects during the trip.
a) You would get opportunities to rub shoulders with many of the top leaders in China and Hong Kong. In most cities, the mayor would be meeting you. For Hong Kong, I believe Donald Tsang would meet you and in Beijing, Jia QingLing will be meeting you. Those are the top leaders of those areas. In many cities, you would get to meet with many who are planning for the development of the cities.

b) Opportunities to visit those universities, be it those universities in Hong Kong, or in various parts of China, like Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University etc.

c) Meet with those people in the industry. During my time, Baidu Founder met us, and during those days, Baidu has not yet hit IPO.

d) Last but not least, you would get to meet with about 200 very interesting, hyper active bunch of your peers from around the world. Those people would be traveling together with you and having fun with you!

e) And it is a really good tour of China, visit all the top places that many would want to go and visit.

And what you have to do is just to:-
a) Apply for admission (you would need to be ethnic Chinese, as well as being a student in a university (undergrad or postgrad) to apply).
b) Once you get offer of admission, you would need to pay USD200 (that's like RM675) for the 17-day all-expense paid trip.
c) You would need to get your own air tix to Hong Kong and back, as well as your visa to China.

That's all. The rest of the cost is sponsored.

Application deadline is 28th January 2008.

Many people have applied and gone there. Many of my friends have gone through the trip too.

So, do apply! It would be memorable. Do spread the words to others!

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