Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Thanks a lot to many of you who have advised me to exercise and particularly to Lin Lee, who spent hours of her precious time advising me.

I have taken the first step out to do some exercise today.

Nothing much to shout about, but for me, that is a good first step. Hopefully, I can shed a few kg out of my hefty weight and make myself living healthier. The excess body weight/fat that I am taking is not healthy and would take its tolls to me in the long run. I might as well start take concrete actions to solve the problems. Thanks Lin Lee for being "strict" and point out that I shouldn't be using the word "try"... Whenever I say "try", it would not happen.

Would post it here, so that I would be able to "force" myself to go through the exercise.

I did about 18 minutes of brisk walking/jogging through the gym machine, with some uphill slope function. That managed to burnt about 180 calorie out of me. Not too much, but hopefully that would cut off about 10% of what I consume each day.

I did a 10-minute cycling at around 30-35km/hr. Did a total of 5.6km. So, I guess that would be another 80 calorie of so.

I did a little exercise in the swimming pool too. So, today, I finally managed to kick out about 250-300 calorie off me! Hurray!

A good website to know how many calories were brunt is here

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