Sunday, December 30, 2007

Jit Sin tops Penang for PMR 2007 Results

A follow up from my earlier post of PMR 2007 Results .

Thanks to Yoke Peng who posted a comment at my earlier post and share with me more detailed results.

Managed to find out from Kwong Wah Jit Poh and Kwong Wah Jit Poh - Jit Sin about the results of Penang State.

My alma mater, Jit Sin (same as Yoke Peng's) managed to score 209 8As for PMR. That's 16.29% of total 8As in Penang State! Total 8As in Penang State is 1283. Total students at Jit Sin is 604, so the total percentage of students who get straight As are 34.6%, well above the national rate of 5.9% or Penang State rate of 9.14%.

Penang State is also the state with the highest percentage of students scoring straight As for PMR. There are 1950 students with straight As (501 7As, 1283 8As and 166 9As). Penang Chinese Girl High School has 207 students getting 8As, Butterworth Chung Ling has 111 students getting 8As. SMJK Krian has 20 students getting 8As. If anyone knows of results from other schools, do feel free to leave the results in the comment!

5 schools from Penang State also scored 100% passes, and again Jit Sin falls under the selection! Congrats! Besides Jit Sin, SMK Tun Syed Shahabuddin, SMK Dato Onn, SMK Bukit Jambul and SMK Sri Nibong. I am doing translation from article in Mandarin, so if there is any error, please kindly point out.

More full results of Jit Sin:-
Total Students - 604
8As - 209
7As - 116
6As - 64
5As - 60
Passing Rate - 100%

% of students getting A in Malay Language - 61.4% (up from 40.5%)
% of students getting A in English Language - 61.4% (down from 76.2%)
% of students getting A in Mandarin Language - 74% (similar to last year)

Syabas Jit Sin!

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tammy_tay said...

Congrats! How did you manage to study all these subjects? Got any tips on studying History and Malay? I can score As at other subjects but my History and Malay are pulling me down. And I duno what suppose to do.