Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singapore Cab Rate goes up!

ComfortDelGro, one of the main cab companies in Singapore would be increasing its cab rate from 17th December 2007. Yes, it would hit me a lot, since I would be taking cab a lot!

The starting price would go up from S$2.50 to S$2.80 (that's a 12% increase)

For the follow on charges, currently it is S$0.10 per 210 meters till 10km, and then S$0.10 per 175 meters. In the new pricing, it would be S$0.20 per 385 meters till 10km and then S$0.20 per 330 meters. This would be also 7-8% increase.

For picking up from the CBD during peak hours, it increased from S$1 to S$3.

For peak hours charges, instead of the usual S$2, it would be 35% of the metered fare.

For midnight rate, it would become a flat 50% increase from midnight onwards to 6am, which is also another increase from previously. Currently, I think it is 10% surcharge from 11:30pm, 25% surcharge or something like that by 11:45pm, and then 40% surcharge by midnight and 50% surcharge by 12:30am or so.

Booking rate for peak hours drop S$0.50 to S$3.50.

So, lets see how much it is going to impact me, if I am going to take cab from Banyan Condo to Raffles City Tower.

Currently, it is around S$13 (including S$2 for ERP and S$2 for Peak Hours Surcharge).

So, guess the new rate would be S$10 (about 10% increase from previously S$9), plus S$3.50 for 35% peak hours surcharge and S$2 for ERP. This means about S$15.50 now, instead of S$13 or so. A 20% increase.

Yes. Inflation does happen across causeway as well.

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