Saturday, December 15, 2007

Plea for Bangladesh Cyclone Victim

As many knew, tropical cyclone "Sidr" hit 14 districts of the southern coastal belt of Bangladesh on 15th November 2007. Sidr was one of the 10 fiercest cyclones that had hit the geographical area of present Bangladesh in the 131 years between 1876 and 2007. Devastation caused by Sidr is still unfolding. According to the latest info, death toll has reached 3,600. More than 1.5 Million houses have been fully or partially damaged and washed away by the tidal surge and the fiercest wind (250 kmph) of Sidr. The number of livestock destroyed are more than 1.6 Million.

70-90% of the standing crops in the area have been damaged. One-fourth(more than 4 million hectre) of the Surdanbans (the UNESCO heritage site and the world largest mangrove forest) has been damaged. Government of Bangladesh is making all-out efforts to tackle the aftermath of the devastation. Bangladesh Government institutions including Army, Navy and Air Force and International agencies are working round the clock to rehabililtate the cyclone victims.

Bangladesh High Commission, KL has opened an account under the name "Chief Advisor's Relief and Welfare Fund" at Maybank Account (514422206320) at Maybank Menara Perkeso Branch.

This is just the typing of the whole ads in Page 42 of The Star 15th December 2007.

There is also a Bangladesh Charity Bazaar for Cyclone Victims at Dataran Merdeka, today 15th December 2007 at 4pm to 9pm.

Do go ahead and help out the needy ones.

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