Thursday, December 20, 2007

Singapore exports drop in November 2007

Economy is crashing!!!.... "Run! Run! Run!"...

The effect of recession is starting already...

Singapore has also suffered quite a massive drop in their exports.

Exports dropped 6% in November, whereas pharmaceutical exports in particular dropped 21.5%. Semiconductor exports dropped 18.5%, whereas electronic exports dropped 8.2%.

The figure sounds so depressing, and this definitely tells us to get ready for a bad economic level soon.

Malaysia has also experienced export drop for the past few months. Things are definitely not positive. With oil prices continue to go up, things would get bad. Lets hope that things would not turn into horrible stage.


Anonymous said...

yes!! the bubble is set to burst anytime soon! especially with china's economy overheating and illegal currency traders everywhere (in china), i am deeply concerned. and with the depreciating of the USD against all major currencies and everything, what if the US suddenly revalues their greenback? i remember by the time we were getting out of the 97/98 financial crisis and our economy was back on the 8% annual growth in 2000, there came the september 11 attack and the slowdown continued, and our annual GDP grew at a rate of not more than 6.5% (if i'm not mistaken) ever since. i am really worried as i will certainly not want to graduate college and step right into an economic recession. but according to my uncle who graduated in 1999 from UM, companies then preferred to employ fresh grads as their salaries would not be as high as those with years with vast experience in their work. is it true? i am still worried, nevertheless. with all the horror stories i read in books and articles. =S

*am still checking my mailbox for my (hopefully acceptance) letter, thank you.*


Chen Chow said...

I guess being in college during the recession could be a good thing, if you can afford to fund the education. The only problem is of funding the education.

I guess during recession, some companies would still look for very good talents.

Just that, might be hard to find a lot of good jobs around, as people would be more cautious.