Saturday, December 15, 2007

Early Decision for U.S. Universities

Following my earlier blog on Early Decision Increase in Number of Applicants .

The D-Day of 15th December has arrived, and we have heard responses from students of various universities on admission.

For my alma mater, Cornell, it would only release the Early Decision Admission Decision on 19th December 2007 5pm Eastern Time.

Columbia is one of those early ones which has reports on their Early Decision. It is here at Columbia Spectator . A summary of it, shows that Early Decision admit rate drops from 24% to 23%, due to the 5% increase in number of applicants. That shows the number of Class of 2012 that Columbia takes in is stable and hence increase in number of applicants means decrease in admit rate.

Columbia College takes in 455 out of 2,162 applicants (6% increase applicants from last year) to make it an admit rate of 21%, whereas School of Engineering and Applied Science takes in 142 out of 420 applicants (1% increase applicants from last year) to make the admit rate of 33%.


Anonymous said...

hey Chen Chow, i dont mean to spam your blog, but today is december 16 and i still havent received my ED notification. is it normal to be notified slightly later or do i start panicking now?

sorry and thanks.. and sorry again.. =S


Chen Chow said...

Hi Ave,

On your ED, I would say that check with the university. Do they have an online platform to check? Usually they would have a log in site for you to check.

And some of the universities, the ED decision date might be delayed. Like for Cornell, it would be on 19th December 5pm Eastern Time instead, due to too many candidates.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

oh i've checked the log in site countless times and all i get is "your application is complete and is being reviewed"

*sigh* will wait a 'lil longer.

dunno why but i keep looking for your assurance regarding my applications 'cause you seem to have all the answers. the day i start to panic is the day when Yeoh CC doesnt have an answer for my questions. lol~ thanks again!


Chen Chow said...

How is it already? Any news for your ED? Good Luck!