Thursday, December 27, 2007

Malaysia ranks 21st among students in US

Malaysia ranks number 21st among countries which send students to U.S. This is not a ranking of the quality of students, but rather the quantity. It points out number of Malaysians who have gone to U.S. to study for tertiary education. Among the Malaysians there, 24% did post-graduate degree.

To read in full, I would strongly recommend that you go to Education Malaysia to read the comments from Kian Ming.

There is also a report by The US based Institute of International Education (IIE) which recently published a report on foreign students in the US. To read it, click here

It highlighted that University of Southern California accepted the most international students at a total of 7,115. Columbia was second at 5,937. This is followed by New York University (5,827), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (5,685), Purdue University (5,581), University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (5,429), University of Texas at Austin (5,303), UCLA (4,704), Harvard (4,514), Boston University (4,484), and University of Pennsylvania (4,484).

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