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World Youth Report 2009: Youth and Climate Change

To all of you who are passionate of Youth and Climate Change, do submit your thoughts/ideas etc to United Nations.

Do read it here at United Nation's website.

Do spread the words to your friends.
In order to expand the scope and coverage of the "World Youth Report 2009: Youth and Climate Change", we are seeking input from experts in the field of youth and climate change, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as from young people. Submissions may be academic research, case studies, publications, best practices, effective interventions, as well as national youth policies currently being implemented .

The chapters of the "World Youth Report 2009: Youth and Climate Change" are as follows:
(Please note: The chapter titles are working titles and not final)

Introduction: Youth, Climate Change and the Social Development Agenda
This chapter looks at the relationship between climate change and social development, and the implications of these interactions for youth. It addresses the vulnerability of young people to the negative effects of climate change and highlights the circumstances of the most vulnerable youth populations.

Chapter 1. Climate Change, Youth and their Well-being
This chapter expands on the vulnerability of youth to climate change within the contexts of health, livelihood and conflict, and pays specific attention to the issue of geographic location.

Chapter 2. Indigenous Youth and Climate Change
This chapter shows how Indigenous youth are an especially vulnerable youth population across geographical areas. It highlights Indigenous cultures and practices as a means to finding solutions for global sustainability. In particular, it will elaborate on strategies for action informed by Indigenous knowledge and the youth perspective.

Chapter 3. Addressing change at the roots: youth consumption patterns
This chapter expands on the role of youth "culture" and lifestyle factors as key determinants in the future of climate change, with a particular focus on youth consumption patterns. It discusses youth consumption and lifestyles, and how young people can make more sustainable choices.

Chapter 4. Reforming Education for climate protection
This chapter looks at the role of education in developing a multidisciplinary understanding of the social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions of climate change. It discusses reforming education to allow for the inclusion of climate change education in schools curriculum geared to help young people develop into responsibile global citizens.

Chapter 5. Adapting to climate change: Is youth employment at risk?
This chapter looks at the impact of climate change and mitigation measures on employment for youth - how it can both be a potential source of new employment opportunities, as well as create changes in existing jobs.

Chapter 6. Positioning Youth for Adaptation and Mitigation: the role of civil society
This chapter highlights best practices and strategies, as well as examines the potential contribution of youth-led organizations to advancing action on climate change in the key areas covered in the preceding chapters – education; consumption and production; employment; leisure time activities; poverty; health, HIV/AIDS; and armed conflict.

Chapter 7. Moving Forward: Placing youth at the centre of the response to climate change.
This chapter will look at how the impact of climate change can be better addressed to reflect youth concerns. It will also provide policy recommendations so that Governments can act to ensure that mitigation and adaptation measures they choose can guarantee that young people and future generations have a sustainable future.

We encourage your participation to enhance the discussion. The editors of the publication will make final decisions on the inclusion of submissions. Material included in the report will receive due acknowledgement. Please send us your input (by 23 January 2009) via email to with "Suggestions for World Youth Report 2009" in the subject line or write to us at: World Youth Report 2009, United Nations Programme on Youth, DC2-1310, 2 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017.

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