Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jit Sin High School SPM 1999 STPM 2001 Batch Reunion

Calling Jit Sin High School SPM 1999 STPM 2001 Batch!!!

We're doing a reunion on 28th January 2009 (3rd day of Chinese New Year), 7:30pm at Kheng Siang's house.

As of now, 26 people h1) yeoh chen chow
2) khim khuan
3) Alex teoh chin min
4) sim khai chuin
5) ong theng khoon
6) Serene Tan
7) wei yean
8) seong guan
9) wen lin
10) sim teong chuan
11) ang kiang long
12) alvin lee
13) chuan pin
14) chuen kar
15) zen yin
16) pace loh
17) ai chi
18) soo hoo
19) yert keat
20) khang yee
21) kheng siang
22) ang khai loon
23) david tan tat woei
24) li wern
25) mooi how
26) wei chong

Lets spread the words around!

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