Sunday, January 25, 2009

Applications Jump for Class of 2013

Various top U.S. Universities are seeing a great jump in applications for Class of 2013. This continues the uptrend of increase from Early Decision here .

For a number of universities, it is the highest increase ever. I'm still waiting for the number of my alma mater, but I think it would also increase quite significantly following the trend of other peer institutions.

Brown - Up 21% (to 24,900)
Stanford - Up 20% (to 30,348)
MIT - Up 17%
Duke - Up 17% (to 23,780)
Virginia - Up 17% (to 21,750)
Yale - Up 14% (from 22,817 to 26,000) - For Class of 2012, admits 1,952
Dartmouth - Up 9%
Harvard - Up 5.6% (from 27,462 to 29,000) - For Class of 2012, admits 1,948
Princeton - Up 2.3% (to 21,869) - For Class of 2012, admits 2,122
NYU - Up 0.3% (to 37,180)

1. Harvard, MIT, Dartmouth, Brown here
2. Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Princeton, MIT here
3. Yale here
4. Yale, Virginia here
5. NYU here

If anyone finds the statistic for more universities, do kindly leave it at the comment area and I'll update this post for the benefit of everyone who is reading this. Thanks! :)

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