Thursday, January 01, 2009

"Say it Like Obama" Book

Another book that I read today is "Say it Like Obama - The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision" by Shel Leanne.

She is formerly from McKinsey and Morgan Stanley, having worked in New York City and London. She also had spent some years being a faculty at Harvard University.

This book started with where Obama started, when he gave a speech in 2004, and it ended with his acceptance speech as Democrat's candidate for Presidential contest in 2008.

This book shared on both the speeches above, with Obama's expression in parenthesis, so that gave us a lot more "visualization" of his speech.

Some of the key ideas of this book is:-
- Earning trust and confidence
- Breaking down barriers
- Winning hearts and minds
- Conveying vision
- Driving points home
- Persuading
- Facing and overcome controversy
- Motivate others to action
- Leaving strong lasting impression

Do check out the book at Amazon or your local book stores.

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