Thursday, January 08, 2009

Volunteer at UNICEF

Anyone free to help UNICEF?

Hi there,

Calling for anyone with a bit of time to spare living around KL/PJ. UNICEF Malaysia is urgently looking for 2-3 volunteers to come by sometime this week to help us with some spring cleaning in the office store.

Do drop me an email or sms me. Your help would be very much appreciated! Thanks :)



Markus Ng Chung Yau
Communication Assistant
UNICEF Malaysia
Tel: (+6.03) 2095 9154
Fax: (+6.03) 2093 0582
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Dhanya said...

Hi I was wondering where I can sign up as a volunteer for Unicef? There are no links on the website...

Chen Chow said...

Do try to call their office and check.

Anonymous said...

hello..i would like to join as a volunteer..but im only 17 years old..did u guys have a age limit or something to be a volunteer?