Friday, January 16, 2009 Retrenchment Helpline launched

Almost everyday, we hear of negative news around the world, be it growth rate forecast is reduced, profit/revenue below expectation, or retrenchment.

Financial sector and manufacturing sector are the worst hit. The high tech sector is affected too. CNET has a page that lists all the layoffs in the tech world, and it is scary to see so. Check it out here .

Among those companies that have laid off include Motorola, Oracle, Seagate, Dell, Lenovo, One Laptop Per Child, AMD, Unisys, Electronic Arts, Western Digital, Yahoo!, Sony, AT&T, Adobe, Palm, Sun, LinkedIn, Nokia, Freescale, ebay etc. Even Google does seem to announce a layoff. And Microsoft might be announcing one real soon. :( Seems hardly any major company is spared.

At local front, the 8th Malaysia Career & Training Fair was successfully launched this morning. This is the largest Career Fair in town. As the largest recruitment firm in South East Asia, also launched its Retrenchment Helpline today. This portal would be specifically targeted to all Malaysians who are retrenched. would help them to headhunt for a job. And this service is provided free of charge, as part of the corporate social responsibility of!

So, if you do get retrenched, don't get too panicked. is here to help you to find a job!

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