Saturday, January 03, 2009

UWC Applications are open (Deadline 30th January)

Thanks to my loyal blog reader for highlighting this.

United World College has been a great program, and over the years, I have had many fantastic friends, who have developed themselves significantly through their experience in UWC. I shall not try to name them, so that I won't end up accidentally left out some names, but I have seen their character being transformed throughout those 2 years there. It seems to be a very wholesome holistic learning experience.

Now, UWC applications are open, with deadlines on 30th January. If you have any question on it that you would like to ask current/past UWC scholars, do let me know.

Before you ask your question, do read through the FAQ first.

The application form is at here .

The program is on International Baccalaureate and there would be scholarship available, although mostly are on partial scholarships. It would be an eye-opener.

Do check it out and help to spread the words around!!!

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