Saturday, January 10, 2009

Project Malaysia

Project Malaysia has been gaining momentum in the write-ups and for Malaysia, the issue is on media .

Do contribute your articles to it!
Hi Project Malaysians,

It's 2009. Happy New Year! We're coming into a really important year, what with the war in Israel, Obama's presidency and a change of power even in our homeground, and of course the global economic crisis.

I'm glad you sent so much feedback last month about the Culture issue. We have a few more submissions left on that, and due to that we started this month a little slow.

No worries, as we move on to The Media Issue. We're talking about your hopes for the media, ownership and control, agenda setting, fair and unbiased reporting (does it even exist?). What are your hopes for the media in Malaysia, what kind of stories would you like to see, are marginalised communities well-represented?

We welcome submissions from you NOW. Send it to It should be between 800-1200 words, with a short bio of yourself and a picture. Many of you have promised articles as soon as time permits, and I hope this will be your issue. Let us hear you out.

Coming soon in February is The Economy Issue, and in March (as a one year anniversary for March 8) the Governance Issue. For those keen on submitting, start stewing those great ideas now.

Best Wishes for 2009,

Michelle Gunaselan.

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