Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Penang Ranked 2nd in New York Times Best Places To Go in 2009

Facebook is very powerful! After this experience, I would say that I am even more amazed with power of Facebook, and definitely also power of Penangites!!!

When thirdshifter shared in ReCom.org - The Worldwide Malaysian Students Network on New York Times Travel "Best Places To Go in 2009 Ranking, I felt that we should try and utilize the power of Penangites to bring us much higher in the ranking.

Then, Penang was ranked 33rd in the Readers' Choice.

I sent this Facebook message to 4,000+ Facebookers in "Penang" group on 13th January 12:01am:-

"New York Times has nominated Penang as one of the 44 Destinations in the world to visit for 2009.

Based on New York Times own recommendation, Penang is ranked 22nd.

It is open for world population to vote their recommendation too!
Penang is now ranked at 33rd. Lets use the power of 4,000 Penangites here to bring up the ranking of Penang!!!!

Vote for Penang at http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/11/travel/20090111_DESTINATIONS.html

Lets spread the words around, and lets invite even more Penangites to join this Penang facebook group, and hopefully, soon we can have 5,000 Penangites here!"

And it is amazing the transformation, that I sent this follow-up message to the Facebook group on 18th January 2009 11:24pm.

"Dear all Penangites,

6 Days ago, I sent a message to all of you via this Facebook group, to lets vote on Penang in New York Times "Best Places to Go in 2009".

When I sent the message, Penang was 33rd ranking, and you guys transformed the ranking!!! The power of Penangites on Facebook!

Within 90 minutes, Penang became 13th rank
Within 8 hours, Penang became 8th rank
Within 24 hours, Penang became 4th rank
Within 36 hours, Penang became 3rd rank
Within 48 hours, Penang became 2nd rank!!!

The 2nd rank for Penang went into The Star headline - http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/1/18/nation/3055348&sec=nation

The power of Penangites on Facebook transformed New York Times ranking!

p/s: If you haven't vote, do vote http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/01/11/travel/20090111_DESTINATIONS.html . Who knows we can get no. 1?"

Am very happy that Penang is ranked no. 2!!!

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ls said...

u sent so many msgs on fb, wont they mark u as spam?

ps im back

Chen Chow said...

Won't lar...a lot others have sent a lot more compared to me. :)

Welcome back!