Wednesday, January 07, 2009

USM to Have Special Entrance Exam

Received this blog post from one of my loyal blog readers.

USM, after being selected as APEX University, has now been given the freedom to select the 3,500 undergraduates for next year through a special entrance exam.

They would not be relying on STPM or matriculation, but would be basing on their own entry exam. As of now, I haven't heard of how they are going to conduct the test yet. So, there is that part to look into. Hopefully, it would be a step forward, for USM to be doing things much more meritocratically.

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(檳城)獲得頂尖大學地位的理科大學,將在今年5月公開直接招生,而不需通過大學中心單位(Unit Pusat Universiti)分配。








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