Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Curriculum of Various Top MBA Programs

Attended INSEAD MBA talk this evening and it was a good exposure to learn a bit more about their MBA programs.

Nevertheless, I don't think I will ever be able to spend such a big amount to go to top business school. INSEAD's tuition fee costs 50,000 Euro, and that is not including living expenses etc. They are expecting the entire cost to be at least 70,000 Euro. That's about RM340,000. Compared to Wharton's tuition fee and living cost, that would be USD160,000 for 2 years, which would be RM570,000.

If I were to ever go to Business School, it would be for the experience there and learning exposure.

Curious to see what the curriculum for each of the top Business schools, I try to find out the curriculum for 11 top Business schools - Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, IMD, Insead, Johnson, Kellogg, London Business School, Sloan, Stanford, Wharton.

For this post, I haven't done any analysis to find similarity and differences of each program, so that to see what stuff I should learn for professional development. Guess reading through books and those free lecture notes would be the best way. :)

The core courses for each university is as follow. This is just for reference. For updated curriculum, do refer to their respective website.


Financial Accounting
Financial Management
Human Resources Management
Managerial Accounting
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Strategic Management
Managerial and Organizational Behavior
Organizations and Markets
Leadership Effectiveness and Development


Corporate Finance
Financial Accounting
Managerial Statistics
Marketing Strategy
Managerial Economics
Operations Management
Strategy Formulation
Leadership Development
Global Economic Environment
Decision Models
Managing Marketing Programs
Organizational Change
Power and Influence
Social Networks & Social Capital
Operations Strategy
Performance Management
Game Theory and Business
Global Economic Environment II: Business Cycles and Financial Market
Strategy Structures and Incentives


Finance 1
Financial Reporting & Control
Leadership & Organizational Behavior
Technology & Operation Management
Business, Government & the International Economy
The Entrepreneurial Manager
Finance II
Leadership & Corporate Accountability


Operations Management
Leading People in Organizations
Innovation & Product Design
International Political Economy
Organizational Leadership


Financial Accounting
Financial Markets & Valuation
Leading People & Groups
Prices & Markets
Uncertainty, Data & Judgment
Corporate Financial Policy
Foundations of Marketing
Leading Organisations
Managerial Accounting
Process & Operations Management
International Political Analysis
Macroeconomics in the Global Economy

Johnson (Cornell)

Microeconomics for Management
Financial Accounting
Marketing Management
Statistics for Management
Managerial Finance
Managing Operations
Managing and Leading in Organizations

Kellogg (Northwestern)

Leadership in Organizations
Accounting for Decision Making
Mathematical Methods for Management Decisions
Business Strategy
Finance 1
Marketing Management
Statistical Methods for Management
Microeconomic Analysis
Operations Management
Values and Crisis Decision Making

London Business School

Business Statistics
Career & Professional Skills Development Programme
Decision & Risk Analysis
Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
Financial Accounting
Global Leadership Assessment for Managers
IT for Business Value
The Language Programme
Management Accounting
Managerial Economics
Managing Organisational Behavior
Operations & Technology Management
The Second Year Project
Strategic Problem Solving
Understanding General Management
Understanding the International Macroeconomy

Sloan (MIT)

Economic Analysis for Business Decisions
Data, Models and Decisions
Leadership and Personal Effectiveness Coaching
Communication for Managers
Organizational Processes
Team Project - Special Seminar in Organization Studies
Financial Accounting
Finance Theory or Marketing Management


Critical Analytical Thinking
Ethics in Management
The Global Context of Management
Managerial Finance
Managing Groups and Teams
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Leadership
Data Analysis & Decision Making
Financial Accounting
Human Resources
Information Technology
Managerial Accounting
Modeling for Optimization & Decision Support
Non-Market Strategy

Wharton (UPenn)

Management Communications
Ethics & Responsibility
Foundation of Teamwork & Leadership
Management of People at Work
Government & Legal Environment of Business
Managerial Economics
Statistics for Managers
Decision Models and Uncertainty
Competitive Strategy
Global Strategic Management
Corporate Finance
Macroeconomic Analysis and Public Policy
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Operations: Quality & Productivity
Operations: Supply Chain Management
Marketing Program Design
Marketing Strategy

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