Thursday, January 01, 2009

"The McKinsey Engagement" Book

Was at MPH this afternoon and managed to browse a couple of books.

One of those is "The McKinsey Engagement". This is the 3rd book in the series of McKinsey trilogy, where the earlier two books are "The McKinsey Way" and "The McKinsey Mind".

Dr. Paul N. Friga authored this book. The book is centered around the "TEAM FOCUS" model, where the 2 words consist of 9 words:-
T - Talk
E - Evaluate
A - Assist
M - Motivate

F - Frame
O - Organize
C - Collect
U - Understand
S - Synthesize

For each one, it gives a few tips (which can be assessed at the last few pages of the books too), with each tip is substantiated by consulting application.

Do check out the book at Amazon or your local book stores.

All these 3 books would be good books for those who are aiming for a Management Consulting life!

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