Sunday, January 18, 2009

UPenn Admission Interview for Malaysia

UPenn is calling for admission interviews for all of you in Malaysia.

I have "masked" all of the names of alumni interviews and their contact details. If you wish to contact them, do let me know, and I'll link you with them.

Their email is as follow.

Dear all,

The Alumni Secondary School Committee is running admissions interviews for freshmen applicants to the University of Pennsylvania and we would like to extend an invitation to interview to everyone who applied. The interview is entirely optional. We would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this email to anyone you know who applied this year from Malaysia and cc me. We have not received the final list from Penn and want to be sure that everyone who applied gets this offer.

The main interviews will be held at the following dates and times:

Dates: Saturday, February 7 and 14
Time: 2pm or 3.30pm
Venue: Business Centre, Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur
Dress code: Smart casual

I would appreciate sign-up responses. Information required:

First Name, Last Name as per Penn application:
Current school:
Cellphone no:
Available dates and times (indicate preference):

The format will be similar to last year's:

1. You will be scheduled for a time slot at either 2pm or 3.30pm depending on available slots and your availability. Slots are limited by the number of alumni available to interview and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.
2. We will begin interviewing applicants in each time slot in the order of sign-in at the business centre and we'll try to match applicants to alumni by school so that we can be more helpful.
3. Each interview should take about 20-30 minutes so the longest you should have to wait is an hour.

Another UPenn Alumni has also kindly agreed to take interviews in Penang on the afternoon of Jan 30th (Friday).

Thanks in advance for your help,
UPenn Alumni

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kean hui said...

Hey Mr. Yeoh, I applied for freshman admission for the year 2009 and I'm interested in the alumni interview. Would be grateful if you could send me their contacts.


kean hui said...

Oh, and thank you in advance! (:

Chen Chow said...

You are most welcome.

A Student said...

hey mr chen chow,
i've applied to some universities; and i believe they'll have an interview soon.

so i would just like to ask for your advice for these kinds of university interviews;
what are the usual questions,
what do we have to know,
and other tips.

i'm very nervous and i really hope u can help me :)

Chen Chow said...

Hi "A Student",

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry for late reply. Was away on business trip.

On interview questions, it really depends on interviewers. Essentially, be yourself. What they are looking is often beyond your answer. They want to see whether you are suitable to go to that particular university.

So, do research on the university. Be yourself. Answer genuinely.

Good Luck!

I can Think. said...

Good Day,

I am an applicant to UPenn for this fall 2009 intake. However, i just got my acknowledgment email on my application today (18/2) and was informed about the interviews.However they email did not state to whom or when the interview will be held.
After googling a bit i came across this blog and learnt that I have to schedule the interview on the dates given. Is it still too late to have an interview done?

this is my email

would be great if you could help me out!

Thanks a bunch.