Sunday, January 11, 2009

Speakers at the HSBC 2nd National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2009

Today (10th January) was the HSBC 2nd National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2009 at Putra World Trade Center.

It was launched by YB Dato' Seri Ismail Sabri, Minister of Youth and Sports.

There were a list of 14 speakers.

I was unfortunately not able to be at the seminars, as I was attending friends' wedding (Bernard & Jaime) and also ReComers' gathering there.

What I would do is to summarize some of the unique ideas/advice that I have read about from each of those speakers, so my blog readers would have some learning points from there. The points below are mainly quoted from the booklet "The Story" that produced.

1. Henry Goh Chee Heng (27 Years Old) - Co-founder and COO or Macro Kiosk Berhad
- Winner of Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2006
- He always believed that when you are young, you have nothing much to lose at that point. Even if he had failed, he could always go back - it's not really a big deal at all.
- No one is a perfect businessmen, therefore he always set new targets for himself. These goals, no matter short term or long term, become the drive for him to achieve better things in life.

2. Dato' Ricky Wong Shee Khai (27 Years Old) - Founder & CEO of Asia Media Sdn Bhd
- The winning streaks that he has is partially contributed by the competitors who tend to underestimate them.
- Highly focused and goal oriented.
- Success and winning is important to aim for both in life and in business. Swim against the tide and play against the odds, success belongs to people who dare to try. The process of climbing to the top of the mountain and the magnificent view on top is worth every sweat.
- Identify your niche and positioning and when you're up and running, never assume your competitors are standing still.

3. Ganesh Kumar Bangah (29 Years Old) - CEO of MOL Access Bhd
- As an entrepreneur, you're never successful enough and you have to keep creating things that will change people's lives.
- He never tells his business partners his age because they would view him as being not mature enough to do business. Luckily he looks a lot older than his actual age, so he gets away with it.

4. Aidan Aquinas Chew (25 Years Old) - Director - TRAFFIXED, Winner of Nescafe Kick-Start Season 1
- You have to believe not only in yourself, but your mindset. Never be afraid to open up your mind and go beyond.
- He wanted to save the world, by solving the problems the world is facing.
- It was a stepping stone for him until he found the larger purpose in his life - to solve the bigger problems that the world is facing now.
- The turning point during that time was when he realized, ironically, that he had nothing to lose anymore. He managed to overcome all the grief by going beyond who he was.
- He went into the core of his being and found out the answers of everything. It was as if he was enlightened by his own conscience - and everything suddenly makes sense. Until now, he believed that that was the reason that defined what he is.

5. Ng Khai Lee (24 Years Old) - Co-founder of, Winner of KLUE Blue Chilli Awards, HSBC Young Entrepreneurs Award 2006
- Starting up a good business requires more than brains - you'll need the right mindset too.
- People tend to over-emphasize innovation on the business idea.
- The real innovation happens in your mind. If you want your company to grow, you've got to grow. And to grow, you've got to be prepared to change how you think and what you believe in.

6. Jeffrey Ong (30 Years Old) - Director of Markentsia
- You can never have the perfect business plan. Even if it is perfect enough for you, there will always be a loophole where money problem gets in the way.
- There are other elements in life. Academic educaiton is very important as it teaches you the foundation, but if you want to excel and gain the edge above others, you need to go out there and learn more than what's in the books.

7. Aimann Faiz (24 Years Old) - Co-Founder of Don't Panic
- During university days, work a range of jobs, for the sake of experience.
- By his final semester, he was already earning more than his lecturers as a sales representative for a company selling high-end home appliances.
- His break was when he got offer from Rudy Rozaidi, Managing Director of Don't Panic Asia
- He made up for his lack of knoweldge and experience with energy, passion and an insatiable appetite to learn
- His first break was with a sponsorship project with Petronas.
- His father turned from pessimistic of his venture to admiration.

8. Joyce Wong (25 Years Old) - Blogger, KinkyBlueFairy.Net
- Blogger for 4 years
- Managing Editor of Tongue In Chic in August 2008,
- Everyone should have their own styles.
- She loved everything about her job, and it gives her a lot of self-satisfaction when she sees the ideas going up on the blog.

9. Joel Neoh (25 Years Old) - Founder of
- Youngest participant in The firm.
- I was in a playground with no set of rules, no limit to what I can do and a whole load of fun ahead of me - but no one to play with
- Youths must embrace change, taking charge of their lives and be leaders of themselves.

10. Ninie Ahmad (26 Years Old) - Founder of Be Yoga Sanctuary
- Believe in what she does and the perpetual optimism.
- You really have to know what your strength is and see if there's a business prospect to it. You have to use any media possible, to see how a business can be derived from your interest or strength. And you really need to do market research to know what other people think of you, your interest and strength.
- If the dream is big enough, the facts don't count.

11. Fiona Jane Gomez (25 Years Old) - Founder of Talent Hub
- She didn't take salary for first 3 years
- There were times that she wanted to give up and quit, because being your own boss, there is no one there to motivate you when things don't turn out the way you imagined. It is the belief and preseverance that gets her through.
- One must be sure that they are doing this, because they want to learn and share the art as it is.

12. Anna Rina Rahim (28 Years Old) - Photography Entrepreneur
- Winner of CLEO's Young Achiever Award
- Record the moment for her clients at their best, so that they can look back on some of the most important and special days of their life and relive sweet memories through the pictures.
- She has shot 36 weddings and numerous portrait sessions.

13. Shan Tan (25 Years Old) - Founder of Rackin' Reptiles Sdn Bhd
- Should set the bar as high as you think is realistically possible. In that way, if you fall short of it, you will still be successful.
- her vision is not just to sell shoes, but to create a RR experience from the moment you enter the shots until you are wearing the product and the after-care service you are provided with.
- hope to build an ever-growing number of RR fans, through honesty and hard work.
- you need to be focused in what you really want in a business. Pick yourself up from all hiccups and trials, remembering that sooner or later, you will get there. If you give up after attempting only once or twice, you will never get there. Running a successful business is all about learning from your mistakes and moving forward.
- Live your dream. Don't just follow it - Chase it. Don't be afraid to chase your dream. What she had when she first started was that she was fearless and extremely stubborn in focusing on her goal.

14. Joe Flizzow (30 Years Old) - Founder of Kartel Records
- Started Kartel Records to take care of Too Phat's material.
- Plans to revolutionize Malaysia's music industry, by having product placement in his music videos.
- There would be people who would tell you that your ideas are out of this world. You should use these criticisms as a motivation.
- If you're honest and have integrity, you'll be alright. Just be humble and don't forget your roots.

All these entrepreneurs are 30 years old or less and yet they have achieved what most people would hope they could achieve within their lifetime.

The main reason I blogged on this, was to hopefully share what those amazing entrepreneurships have. One thing I observe spanning across their profiles are always their focus, passion and integrity. They try their best, dare to fail and strive forward. And very importantly, they are willing to give back to community, by sharing their experience.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Hopped by your blog after googling the NYEC :) I wrote some of the stories of the entrepreneurs you quoted, so it's a pleasant surprise to see you typing the quotes out.

Pei Ling

Chen Chow said...

Thanks, Pei Ling for dropping by my blog. Yeah, instead of just quoting "The Story", I should highlight all of you guys, who are the authors. So, the quotes above are credits to Pei Ling, Puteri Nurul Jehan, Tengku Mirafita, Ying Xiang, Kok Hin. :)

Jia Pin said...

What an encouraging speech, hope I was there. Thanks for posting it up, great sharing.

Chen Chow said...

Jia Pin, guess should thank Pei Ling and team for getting all those write-ups done... I just quote only.. hahaha.