Saturday, January 24, 2009 Retrenchment Helpline Officially Launched

Yesterday, 23rd January 2009, officially launched its JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline . This is part of JobStreet Cares initiative, which would help Malaysians who are affected by this recession, to get back into employment as soon as possible.

Words of mouth of this launch got spreaded 3 days before the official launch, and more than 4,300 job seekers submitted their resume! This shows that a lot of Malaysians do get affected and am sure the number that would get affected would be much higher.

Please help to spread the words of this site, as your little effort might be able to help your friends in need. Having an extra help by to specifically target to help those job seekers who are retrenched would be able to help them to come out from the doom days of being retrenched. Do sign up for JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline !

Below is the official press relase by, the largest recruitment site in South East Asia.

" has currently launched the JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline service which is aimed at lending a helping hand to those who might be feeling the effects of the recent retrenchments due to the global economic slowdown.

This initiative is born based on JobStreet’s observations on the market situation in Malaysia and around this region. JobStreet has been actively monitoring the current recruitment industry and based on our findings, we have decided to set up the Retrenchment Helpline Service as a pre-emptive measure aimed at protecting the welfare of Malaysian jobseekers.

The JobStreet Retrenchment Helpline is free-of-charge as we want to make the service available to as many people as possible. All they need to do is register, upload their resume and JobStreet’s team of career professionals will categorize them based on their industries. The JobStreet team will also contact the jobseekers who use this service, to further find out what are the core competencies and marketable skills. This is to enable JobStreet to recommend jobs for them.

In line with providing solutions to Malaysian jobseekers in times of economic slowdown, JobStreet will also intensify Resume & Career Clinics. This is an initiative which helps jobseekers write better resumes, gain better understanding of the job market and sharpen their job hunting skills. JobStreet will run Resume & Career Clinic tours in campuses and also on-site in companies.

Jobseekers can also look forward to more career fairs that will cater to a wide range of jobseekers from different backgrounds and needs. JobStreet will also seek to conduct more market surveys, run more career makeover seminars and maintain a close working relationship with the government and HR industries so that together we will be able to provide an efficient recruitment solution for all jobseekers both in good times and difficult times."


JobStreet operates the ( online recruitment websites presently covering the employment markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Japan. The Group currently services over 50,000 corporate customers and over 5 million jobseekers. JobStreet is listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities (JOBST).

Business Times also covered the press conference yesterday.

Its write-up is as follow here

JOBSTREET.COM (0058) said there were fewer jobs advertised on its online job posting service since the start of the year, suggesting a cautious employment market.

The company, which earns a fee from companies that advertise on its website, said the manufacturing sector seems to be the hardest hit.

Citing the company's Job Outlook Report for the first quarter of 2009, chief operating officer Suresh Thiru said the overall job outlook confidence is challenging.

He said companies will hire fewer new workers in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year.
From a random selection of about 1,700 clients that were polled last December, 56 per cent said they would employ fewer in the first quarter of this year.

Only 14 per cent of them said that they would hire more new people in the first quarter compared with 55 per cent in the same period last year.

About 30 per cent said that their hirings would remain more or less the same.

Suresh said if the jobs market continues to worsen, there will be an impact on the company's revenue.

Meanwhile, the company has launched a new service in anticipation of the deteriorating employment market targeted at retrenched workers.

"The Retrenchment Helpline service is aimed at lending a helping hand to those who might be affected by the recent retrenchment brought about by the global economic slowdown," said its general manager Eric Sito.

He said the helpline is a pre-emptive measure aimed at protecting Malaysian job seekers.

Since the service was posted on its website three days ago, has received some 4,300 resumes.

During this economic slowdown, the company will intensify its Resume and Career Clinics to help job seekers write better resumes, gain better understanding of the job market and sharpen their job hunting skills.

"This will increase their employability rate in the market," Sito said.

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