Sunday, January 25, 2009

Graduate (esp Ph.D.) applications rises too!

Besides the earlier post of undergraduate applications increase significantly, graduate (especially PhD) applications do see a great surge as well for this year.

Some of the Graduate (esp. PhD applicants) statistic that I got:-

Northwestern - Up 16%
Duke - Up 15%
Johns Hopkins - Up 12%
Princeton Up 9.5%
Dartmouth - Up 9%
Yale - Up 9%
Michigan - Up 7%
Stanford - Up 5%

1. Northwestern, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, Michigan, Stanford here

If anyone comes across other universities have updated their statistic, please kindly share here for the benefits of all.

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Anonymous said...

Did anyone apply to the US law schools?
I'm applying to Cornell Law School this year but I did not see anything related to Juris Doctor degree.

Chen Chow said...

Good Luck on your applications!

Chen Chow said...

If you have any general question on Cornell, feel free to let me know. I'll try to respond based on what I know during my time there. I am not able to answer specific law school questions though.