Monday, January 12, 2009

Vote for Penang at NY Times Best Places To Go in 2009

Calling for all Penangites, or all of you who have been to Penang, to jointly vote for Penang in New York Times' 44 Places To Go in 2009 .

Based on New York Times' Recommendations, the ranking are as follow:-
1. Beirut
2. Washington D.C.
3. Galapagos
4. Berlin
5. Las Vegas
6. Fjallnas, Sweden
7. Hawaii
8. Vienna
9. Doha, Qatar
10. Dakar, Senegal
11. Maremma, Italy
12. Phuket
13. Marrakesh
14. Chicago
15. Aegean Sea
16. Monterrey, Mexico
17. Dallas
18. Bhutan
19. Florida Keys
20. Rome
21. Cuba
22. Penang, Malaysia
23. Seychelles
24. Florianopolis, Brazil
25. Copenhagen
26. Boracay, the Philippines
27. Monument Valley
28. Star Island, Bahamas
29. Castles in Britain
30. Cologne
31. Reykjavik
32. Red Sea, Egypt
33. Deauville, France
34. South Africa
35. India
36. Kazakhstan
37. Buffalo
38. Madagascar
39. Metz, France
40. Tasmania
41. Stockholm
42. Alaska
43. A Pennsylvania Farm
44. Zambia

Based on the New York Times' Readers' Ranking, as of 12th January 2009 11:44pm Malaysia Time, Penang is ranked 33rd. When I first knew of it this morning, Penang was ranked 37th. Go Penang!!!

New York Times' Readers' Choice are as follow:-
1. Beirut
2. Washington D.C.
3. Buffalo
4. Rome
5. Berlin
6. Chicago
7. India
8. Hawaii
9. Monument Valley
10. Vienna
11. Cuba
12. Florianopolis, Brazil
13. Galapagos
14. Aegean Sea
15. Las Vegas
16. Alaska
17. Marrakesh
18. South Africa
19. Monterrey, Mexico
20. Phuket
21. Florida Keys
22. Copenhagen
23. Stockholm
24. Reykjavik
25. Maremma, Italy
26. Zambia
27. Boracay, the Philippines
28. Castles in Britain
29. Tasmania
30. Bhutan
31. Red Sea, Egypt
32. Seychelles
33. Penang, Malaysia
34. A Pennsylvania Farm
35. Cologne
36. Metz, France
37. Dallas
38. Fjallnas, Sweden
39. Madagascar
40. Doha, Qatar
41. Kazakhstan
42. Dakar, Senegal
43. Deauville, France
44. Star Island, Bahamas

Ok, you have read it. Go and vote for the cities of your recommendation! Click Here . Don't forget to vote for Penang!

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Chen Chow said...

The power of Facebook is amazing!!!

After I blogged on this, I sent a message to "Penang" and "Jit Sin High School" group in Facebook, asking them to vote for Penang.

In Penang mailing list, there were 4,000+ Penangites and 1,000+ at Jit Sin mailing lists. So, there were 4k-5k fanatic Penangites there.

And within 90 minutes, Penang is now ranked 13th, up from 33rd. That's fantastic. I was seeing how Penang climbed up from 33rd to 20+ to now 13th.

Lets hope that Penang can sustain and be top!

Chen Chow said...

And within 24 hours, Penang is now no. 2!!!