Thursday, February 07, 2008

Year of the Rat

It's The Year of the Rat already!!! Time really flies... I'm 27 already also.. It just seems that soon, I would leave my youth and my being in generation of 20s.. :(

It just flew by so fast.

What should be my resolutions for this year?

I guess first and foremost is definitely to reduce weight. That would take away the excess of several kgs... A few kgs? More like a lot of kgs, but guess lets try to take away as many kgs as I can. I chip off 2-3 kg in January, so hopefully, I won't gain it back during this CNY. Am still hoping to reach 80kg by June. Am around 84kg now.

In June, I would still have my CFA Level 3. So, would keep my fingers' crossed that I would be able to pass it. Really hope to go through all of those at one go.

Come March 1st, hopefully, I would be able to get promotion for my current job, to move on to the next level, as Consultant.

Of course, in this new year, I would want to have more time for myself to relax and enjoy myself. Youth would not wait for me, so I better make better use of it, while it is still here (or it has gone)

This CNY, somehow seems like there is less firework. I'm biased. Am based on what I could hear from my house. :P Is it due to stricter enforcement? Is it due to the economic situation?

Lets hope that my country - Malaysia, would be peaceful and able to develop progressively. Hopefully, that the upcoming General Election would be smooth and Barisan National, especially MCA would be able to win convincingly. Hopefully, MCA would be able to do better than the last General Election, under the capable leadership of YB Dato' Seri Ong Ka Ting, a very sincere and humble leader.

To everyone, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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