Thursday, February 07, 2008

Rapid Penang Back On Road

For the Rapid Penang that I blogged earlier here , it seems that the buses are back on road again by 1:30pm on 6th February 2008, on Chinese New Year eve.

Hopefully, that this series of strike would not happen again in Malaysia.

For full details, read The Star

Rapid Penang buses back on the road


PENANG: Thousands of bus commuters sighed in relief as Rapid Penang buses resumed operations on the island after a one-day strike by its bus drivers.

Rapid Penang Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Azhar Ahmad said the 93 buses left the company’s depot in Sungai Nibong in batches from 7am with services back to normal by 1.30pm.

On Tuesday, thousands of commuters rushing for work and last minute Chinese New Year shopping were left stranded when the bus drivers went on strike to demand better pay and perks.

Azhar, who apologised to Penangites for the "unexpected turn of events'', said there was a possibility that the drivers had been instigated by "certain quarters".

“However, it has definitely nothing to do with anything political,'' Azhar told a press conference Wednesday at the Rapid Penang office in Lorong Kulit here.

Azhar said the company had recorded losses of RM50,000 due to the disruption of services on Tuesday.

He said some of the issues which the drivers were not happy about had been "ironed out''.

He said more than 80 drivers have signed an agreement with the company not to strike again.

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