Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vote for KL in Monopoly

Kuala Lumpur has been nominated as one of the 68 cities to be selected among top 20 for the new World Edition of Monopoly. Currently, Kuala Lumpur is ranked on number 50, with 0.7% of the votes. Besides Kuala Lumpur, Singapore was nominated in the list too. And we are even behind Singapore at 36 with 1.1% of the votes.

Lets all play our role, to vote for Kuala Lumpur to bring it up to top 20. Lets use our power of blogging to do so!

Vote for Kuala Lumpur at Monopoly

You can nominate wild card cities too, for those not in the list, so we can nominate Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu etc cities into the list too!

Lets try our best to bring out the spirit of nationalism! Use your blog to spread the words for Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia!

Voting closed on 29th February 2008.

You can vote once a day!

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1 comment:

Aronil said...

Hey Chen Chow,
go to your blog from PinkPau's.. don't worry I ain't shotting you down hehe.. If anything I think your comment was one of the few that bothered to point out making peace. So glad you did so :) Thing when it comes to topics o who you are, what you are.. it's always messy. There will be all sort of snide remarks. Even more so when we don't really support the behaviour of a country.. ah well..

Happy Chinese New Year :)