Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Principal Software Engineer

Obtained this from a Stanford Malaysia Forum mailing list

I am representing a Media company based in San Francisco looking for a Principal Software Engineer. I am in touch with the VPE, helping him to build his team.

Job description:
This is a very senior technical position in this organization. You will elevate the level of the people around you, and you will provide thought leadership on system architecture and design. You have a broad software development background and the experience to make informed decisions about technical direction.
As member of this engineering team, you must be disciplined software engineer with the ability to communicate very effectively in a cross-functional group, and possess a strong testing mentality. You'll use practices like test driven development, continuous integration, and pair programming. You'll build systems that are elegant in their simplicity, inherently scalable, and focused on delivering value optimally. This is a small team that works efficiently to get a lot done.

What You'll Do:

· Lead the software design effort on major new system features and components

· Write software that leverages your expertise in highly scalable and performant server systems

· Coordinate the interaction of and interfaces between components in all layers of the system architecture

· Mentor other members of the team on system architecture and design

What You Know:
· B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science.

· 10+ years experience in software development

· Expert Java skills and object-oriented design experience

· Expert in the design and development of distributed systems and hosted applications

· Experience building Java web applications using Servlets/JSP, Struts, and Tomcat

· Experience developing software in C/C++

· Strong experience with source code control systems like CVS and Subversion

· Software development under Linux and Windows

· Experience with Spring and Hibernate

· Experience with Apache-Jakarta tools and libraries

· Experience with agile development processes such as XP or Scrum

· Experience developing Apache modules

· Experience with database design and SQL, PostgresSQL is a plus

· Experience with video/audio codecs

How You Think:
· You are agile, adaptable, and like to be involved in a variety of technologies

· You favor simplicity over "elegance"

· You like to test as you go

· You prefer incremental development over the big bang

If interested, please email me your resume (word document) and a table of your expertise (skills, rank and for how long).
Michelle Mermelstein
Senior Account Manager
Mind Diggers

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